Friday, January 29, 2010

Beer Can Hat – Part 3

(continued from Part 2See Crochet Basics for stitch descriptions and abbreviations. 

5. Make the Base (Top): 

I call this part of the hat the Base because that's where a hat usually begins. Crochet the Base of the hat from the Basic Hat Pattern. Work in the dc stitches as described until the underlined number is 4. You should end up with a nice circle that has 60 sts around the outer edge. Do not tie off.

6. Join the Base to the Crown:

Hold the Crown and the Base wrong sides together with the labels facing you and matching up the stitches as you work. Sl st into any st at top edge of Crown, *insert hook through same st and corresponding st of Base, yo and draw a loop, yo and draw a lp through both lps on hook. One Joining Sc done. Repeat from * around top of Crown, working into edge dcs only (not the stitches joining the labels). Sl st into first sc worked (60 sts total). Tie off.

At this point, the hat can make a great Beer Can Fez. Just sc around bottom edge, then make a tassel and attach to the top. Boom, Fez. Still a very respectable party hat.

7. Make the Brim: 

Hold the Crown with the labels facing you, working from the lower edge. Stitches will be worked into each edge dc, and 2sts into the space under joining dcs (the joining dcs are laying sideways, work 2 sts around each of these bars as you work around). 

Optional: To even out the lower edge of your Crown before adding the brim (and make working the first row of increase a little easier), you may choose to work one row of sc all around before moving on to the next step.

Start Brim: Sl st into any edge dc, [ch3 (counts as 1 dc), dc into next 6 sts (7dc total). *Work 2 dc into next st. Dc into next 7 sts. Repeat from * around, sl st into third of starting ch3.]

Repeat from [ to ] adding 1 to the underlined number for each additional row (ie. Row 2 = 8, row 3 = 9, etc) until your brim is as wide as you like. I worked 3 rows for a big sunhat brim, but I think 2 would have been better for the fisherman style I was going for. 

After you're happy with the brim, work one row of sc around (no increase). I went one step further and worked another row of sc into the same sts worked (over the top of the sc just worked), which adds a little more stability to the edge. That's totally optional of course.

Ok there you go! Please forward any photos of finished projects to me! Or better yet, fan me on Facebook and post photos there. Woohoo!


michela65 said...

This is freakin awesome...TY so much for sharing the pattern. Can't wait to down a few and crotchet!! You Rock!

anastaciafreak said...

i used to work at spencer gifts a few years ago and we used to sell these hats, they were like 20.00 and one day we got a notice saying that they had a problem with the licensing cause of the brands on the beer cans and throw them out, so my boss told me to take the one and only hat left that we had home since he was just gonna throw it out and he knew i crocheted. i have been wanting to try and figure out how it was made so i could make some out of dr. pepper and pepsi cans and now i can cause u put this awesome pattern up. thanks so much

Kitty said...

I remember my mother making these hats, but the ones I remember used a 6th label on the crown. Thanks for the pattern.