Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cafe Nooner

I don't think I have mentioned this... I was waiting until I had a photo to go with it. But, my dear friends Tom & Dimitra Chase have opened a new restaurant in old town Eureka, Cafe Nooner. Oh man it is good!

Located at the site of the old Opera Alley Bistro... in Opera Alley, sort of behind ChinChin around the corner from Ramone's. They are open from 11am - 6pm daily.

The food is really really good and interesting. Focus on local fresh ingredients, the menu is Greek & Cajun inspired but very California. So far my favorite has been the falafel... either as a kabob with red bean hummus, veggies, and pita - or on top of a big spinach & feta salad. Oh man.

Ok so that's my plug. These are very old and dear friends of mine, they've owned two other restaurants... the Vista was theirs a number of years ago, then the Afternoon Deli in Nevada City (which they sold as a thriving cafe, still open to my knowledge).

Really really great food, fresh and different. Outdoor seating too... go try it!
(there will be a grand opening in a couple weeks I'm told, you should hear something about it during their media blitz soon! woo!)

Friday, November 07, 2008


Ok that was really fun and exciting... I'm still a bit stunned. Now let's keep Obama from being killed by idiots, ok?

On the other side, I'm also stunned and saddened by the passing of prop 8. I really don't get it. Look, people... nobody wants to go to your house and sleep with YOU ok? Why would my little sister's marriage affect YOURS?? Oh wait, IT WOULDN'T! Argh. And trying to say it's not discriminatory is just ... well I can't buy it.

Clearly we have a ways to go. But what an exciting time! Wooo!

(Still a few Obama shirts left in the ebay store.)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day woooo!

I'm practically vibrating right now... I'm so pumped up for election day! I was out the door by 10am to vote. No crowds, no problems. I even turned in Stu's absentee ballot with no issues.

Oh man, I am so full of um... a mix of excitement and fear, I almost can't stand the wait. Either way it goes, it will be a huge deal. Aaaaahhhh I just want to watch cnn all day. But alas I must dye some stuff...

Speaking of coverage, the CNN web site has some great maps of results & polls. Not only for the national election, but state issues as well. Looks like locally, the Journal and khum radio will be covering results together. North Coast Journal website will turn into an interactive live chat-blog-thing today at 4pm. I'm all over it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Projects

Hey wow... I am way behind on my updates here. Jeesh. Suddenly a whirlwind of creative activity and it feels so good! Let's see how much I can summarize here...

Well, the big one right now is the mall store. That's Schatzi's Hidden Treasures near the food court center in the Bayshore Mall. This is my friend Timotek's shop full of fair trade imports from Vietnam, Ghana, Thailand... AND my own locally-dyed Bohemian Mermaid clothing and jewelry. Woo! The store just opened up and will remain through December. I'll be setting up the rest of my display Thursday. It's a beautiful store, not your usual importy stuff... an interesting variety of very high quality artisan goods. (You may have seen their store last year in old town behind the gazebo, this one is 3x the size!)

Oh, we (Timotek and I) also have some Barack Obama T-shirts for sale on ebay. Free shipping, adult and kids sizes... now is the time, my friends.

I have this great new print I want to share... but first I need to set up the new compy and figure out my shiny new camera. Woo! Finally. Stu hooked me up this weekend with a nice one, which I needed very much. I can't wait to fix up my web site with nicer quality photos! Anyway, I'll post the new print asap... the Butterfly Goddess, exactly how I'm feeling right now.

Going back a couple weeks... the Hoedown was so much fun! A little hotter than I expected, but so was the music. Holy moly. Devil Makes 3 is my new favorite band. They were amazing live. As was Laura Love, wow. We got a booth spot right by the main stage, so it was perfect. My other new favorite band is the Absynth Quintet... who I loved before, but now I really need a cd for sure. Add in David Lindley and Huckleberry Flint. We really soaked up the righteous music... goal achieved. Oh and the new Mateel venue at the SoHum Community Park is beautiful!

Ok more recently, this past weekend we attended the Steele Wines Harvest Festival in Kelseyville down on Clear Lake. Another great event, what a fun time! A beautiful venue in the middle of vineyards, wine tasting, music, and high quality crafts. The people are so friendly, the sun was shining, it was great. We sprung for a lakeside cabin for a little after hours romance... bonus!

So yeah... lots happening. First I need to figure out my cool new camera so I can share some photos here. I'll get right on that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunshine and Other Good Stuff

Holy smokes! Was anyone else totally amazed by the weather this weekend?? Who could have predicted so much warm sunshine, after the cold grey week we had before it? Nobody that's who. That was by far the most miraculous thing about the weekend to my mind. I couldn't shut up about it. No wind, very few clouds or fog. Party perfection.

Of course, we all know what follows the sun... everything. Tons of smiling people came out to festivize with us at the fair. It was great. I heard multiple vendors saying sales were great as well. Saw lots of friends, plenty of regular customers, made some good connections. My sweety hung around all of Sat, which was extra fun. Oh, and my friends Kulica finally played on the stage near me! They are usually on the other side of the plaza... so I got to dance a little. In my booth, between customers. lol.

Yes, another awesome North Country Fair. I'm all aglow... I took some pics of the parades, I'll post them shortly.

For this upcoming weekend, I managed to squeeze into the Humboldt Hills Hoedown at the last minute. Normally I try not to do one-day shows, and I was planning on heading to Mendo for the Casparfest... but with gas as it is, last year's Casparfest sales iffy (even though it's a Superfun event), and when I saw the music line up for the Hoedown... I started thinking differently. That's really what made my mind up, wow. It will be a long day but the music is off the hook! David Lindley, Devil Makes Three, Laura Love, Buckey Walters, Absynth.... and on and on. I'm excited. And one more taste of warm weather... mmmm...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's time for North Country!

Yes, once again I'm up to my elbows in dye baths and mermaids as I prepare for another North Country Fair. Takes place each year on the Autumnal Equinox weekend at the Arcata Plaza. That's this coming weekend by the way. A great great festival. Tons of local and area artists, great quality of crafts every year. Music and dance on 3 stages. Local food and brew. Really a showcase of local talent, everyone comes out to play. You are sure to see friends you haven't seen since last year's festival. So so much fun! And entrance is free.

Oh and the parades. Saturday at 1:00 is the Samba Parade, which is fun to watch. Steel drums and dancing women, hello. Sunday the All-Species Parade, anyone can join this one. Kids and adults in creative costumes, kinetic sculptures, and who knows what else.

On the vendor inside tip... this year for the first time (at the last minute), they required vendor liability insurance. I know at least one vendor who withdrew, hopefully it didn't impact the booth attendance too much.

I was a little late with my application, so I'll be in a new spot... in front of Moonrise Herbs on G Street. Maybe it will be sunnier there, my booth is usually a bit dark on the 8th St. side.

What will I have that's new? Hmmm... well the afore mentioned Rust color, possibly a couple other new colors since last year. I'm up to about a dozen now. Tons more little girl dresses, from 3 months to size 10. Haven't met the little girl yet who doesn't love a mermaid dress. New hats, new prints, oh these great new linen cropped pants. Oooh they are nice! And some beautiful cotton empire waist tops with lace, up to size 3x. Super flattering and cute. Probably more that I can't recall... bah, much more work to be done.

Hope to see you there. Come by and get a Bohemian Mermaid sticker!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blues Again

Hey, another fun year at the Blues by the Bay festival. Check out my sorta panoramic view from the booth. That pointy thing just to the left of the glare spot is the stage. As usual the music was awesome, the crowd fun, the sun shining. We were only a few booths from the stage in one direction, and 2 booths from the beer in the other. Perfect!

Well, the only imperfection was the wind. Wow. Super super windy, especially Sunday. I know there was at least one tent taken by the gusts, and setups were definitely shaky. And it was quite cold. But the sun shone and that was all we could really ask for.

Saw some friends too... like CJ here, who turned out to be one hellofa sales woman. Jeesh. Who knew. She's just a natural schmoozer, and cute as a button. Who can resist? We had a great time visiting with her and her hubby. I also got to see Sarah at her booth nearby... found out she and her man are expecting a baby!! yowza. They will be opening a temporary store in the Bayshore Mall from Oct-Dec and asked me to add my clothing to the mix. That should be a fun adventure...

Oh and the new color was a big hit. Sold that poncho and hat in the photo, and folks were coming by looking for them after they sold. So that's a good sign I guess. I made a fresh batch of Rust stuff for the North Country Fair next weekend. Ooooh it's getting close...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creative Update

Wait! Don't forget about Blues by the Bay in Eureka, CA this weekend!! I'll be there with tons of goods, my new color and prints... we'll all dance and have a great time in the sun. Wooo!

Hm well I'm not usually good about posting my creative updates here. So I thought I'd share my latest color adventure... Rust. I've had lots of requests for orange, so this is my version. Happily, it turned out exactly as I pictured. Rich and earthy, but with lots of orange light... a bit brighter on the rayon than the cotton.

I was a little shocked by the orange dye bath... it was practically neon orange. Barney would call it safety orange. Most of my dye colors begin with a bright under color, much like underpainting. I think it gives my fabrics an energy, some of them sort of vibrate. (or maybe I'm just a dye geek... )

Then I overdyed it with my favorite dark brown, and I'm really happy with the result.

Oh, and I have a couple new prints I've been using... um two florals. My favorite is the one I'm calling Bohemian Floral. It's actually based on a traditional Indian design. I really like how the shapes interact with the textures of the material. Especially in this color combo... although I might be alone on this one. ha.

I'm planning on finishing up my new Swimming Mermaids prints for the blues show too... oooh they are pretty. Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blues Baby!

Oh yessss, it's almost time for another Blues by the Bay, coming up on Labor Day weekend. Wooo! It's gonna be great. We had such a fun time last year... and this year my booth is much closer to the stage. Oh I'm excited alright. I just love a good music festival. If you haven't been, do it. It's really a family event... lots of dancing, food, local brew. Right on the water. People paddle their kayaks right up to it.

Looks like there are more vendors than last year... of course, crafts have only been included for the past 2 years. I'm hoping their move to a holiday weekend will bring in more folks. And that the weather is nice. Woo!

Meanwhile, the Buddy Brown Blues Festival in Blue Lake is also coming up on um... this Saturday, the 16th. I might need to go check that out as well. It's nice to be at a festival and not working, from time to time.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

South Beach Gallery

As I believe I mentioned a while back... I did a nice art & wine festival in Gold Beach, Oregon, where I met Mary from the South Beach Gallery. A very nice lady who now carries some hand-dyed Bohemian Mermaid pretties in her shop. Entire colorful outfits of ponchos with matching pants or jackets with matching tanks and skirts.

So if you're in the area, check out her gallery. South Beach Gallery on hwy 101 in Gold Beach. Wooo!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another 4th

What a weekend! I took my little clothing booth to Mt. Shasta for the big 3-day 4th of July festival. It's gorgeous up there and the show was fun. Barney's been working in the bay area for the past few months, so it was great to hang out with him and camp. My friend Doug the whale guy was right behind me, visiting with him was a nice bonus.

Most notably though, was the drive across 299 and all the fires still going on there. Wow. I mean it's sad enough to hear all the reports... but seeing all the fire crews, big base camps, and thick smoke really brought things to life. In a few spots, fire spread all the way down to the river and was in view from the highway. Heartbreaking.

But, thankfully, the smoke in the Mt. Shasta area cleared for the weekend and the weather was beautiful. Now I'm preparing to head down to Mendocino for the Mendo Art Center's summer craft fair. Time to get busy dyeing...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Now in a store near you!

Finally! I have put my hand-dyed clothing into some local stores. Yippee!

The Emerald is located in Arcata at the corner of Alliance and Spear
(in the Westwood Hood, where I lived for many years). This is a fairly new shop, filled with all locally handmade goods... like jewelry, T-shirts, Bohemian Mermaid skirts and tanks, sculpture and more. She's still adding artist, so I'm sure there will be plenty more interesting things to see. They also have a pool table and plans for a coffee bar. So, when you are picking up your burrito at the taco truck there, go in and check it out. Gorgeous murals on the walls too! um mermaids! helloooo!

Conscious Home is located in McKinleyville in the Miller Business Park, behind Miller Farms. A great little shop full of natural goods for the home, foods, and a large selection of natural fiber clothing... now including Bohemian Mermaid skirts. Woo!

I'm sooo happy to have my goods in these great local shops! Go check them out!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's move on shall we?

I'm sick of looking at that heart post... now let's move things along. How about a craft show eh?

Well, since my hospital stay, I've had to cancel 2 more festivals I had lined up. Add that to all the previous van misadventures and hm... not good. I'm thinking this recent episode has to be the grand finale of all these problems the past few months and I'm ready to get back on track!

So, next we have the Nor Cal Blues Festival in Fair Oaks, which is a burb of Sacramento. This should be fun! It's relatively small, I think, just one stage... possibly akin to our local Blues by the Bay in size. Which means a mellow setup and some hang-out time watching blues. Sounds great to me.

It's close to my dad's house, so I'll be visiting with him as well. He's been home with a smushed foot for the past 4 months, so he could probably use some company and lovin.

Also, my friend Leisa wants to host a home party for me while I'm down there. Have her friends over for a bbq to peruse my Mermaid goods in her home. That will be fun too!

So I'm back on the road! Wooo!

(ok, barney and dad and everyone else I know have been expressing concern about my abilities to take this trip, but I am confident. My strength is better each day and the docs said I can get back to work as soon as I feel able. No sweat, folks... but it's nice to be loved.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ready for this?

I don't think I was... lol. A little over a week ago I had a heart attack. No kidding.

I'm a little embarrassed to say so... I guess because it sounds so weird, or like I live an unhealthy life or something. Not so. Aside from the blockage that caused this, doctors say I'm perfectly healthy.

And lucky in so many ways.

It's pretty rare for someone my age (under 40) to go through this, and often women have odd symptoms that are misdiagnosed. Not me, luckily. My chest hurt, my left hand went tingly, I started hyperventilating and sweating. I had a good idea of what was probably happening, unbelievable as it was.

And I was at home, only a couple miles from St. Joe's. Lucky.

I called 911 before I could pass out... with nobody knowing where I was or that anything was wrong. Lucky.

I'm recovering quickly and plan to back to work next week. Lucky lucky me! :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun times...

Well the art & wine thingy in Gold Beach was so much fun! Ok... there were mishaps, but first the positive. Gold Beach is gorgeous! Right on the ocean, as was the Event Center on the Beach, aka Curry County Fairgrounds. And the people were SO so friendly, wonderful crafts and wine vendors. I just had a great time. Not only that, but I was approached by a nice lady who owns a shop in town, South Beach Gallery on 101... and she'll be carrying some of my nicer clothing items from now on. Woo! I really made some great new friends and business contacts. Fun fun.

The downside (and I'm a little embarrassed to add this) was that Shiny Van broke again. Seriously. Barney came up all the way from the bay area to help me tow it back home. Again. I know... ridiculous.

Well, the good news is that a) I believe the correct diagnosis has finally been made and is on its way to being fixed, and b) after a little sit-down with the lot we bought it from (used & 'as-is'), they seem to be amiable (or at least willing) to help with some of the costs we have incurred since buying it. SIX weeks ago. Especially now that we figured out the van has been in a front end collision, poorly repaired and that's the cause of our problems. Uh huh. Don't make me bring my hippy friends to picket your lot, dude.

And again, the situation did offer some needed Barney time. I wouldn't have seen him for a couple weeks otherwise... so, you know. Overall I'll call the weekend a success. ha.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


True, the show was not busy... still it was fun. I was surprised at how not-busy it was, really. I know it was an unusually warm weekend, but jeesh. Last year's was much better, even with all the increased advertising this year. Hmp. Again, the crafts were great, the music was fun (we were right in front of the stage), I saw many friends and spent some quality time with Dimitra & Veda, my awesome booth helpers.

The print booth was a hit... well, relatively speaking. If there had been more kids or um people, I think we would have cleaned up! Still it was a great first run, learned a lot and over all it was well received. Yvonne of The wax hands come by to consult for a while. She had some great ideas for improvements. I think I'm going to try it (by myself!) at the show in Old Shasta for Mother's Day weekend. Woo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Fever Time!

Ok, on to something more uplifting. Spring! It's again time for the Spring Fever Festival at Redwood Acres this weekend, Apr 26-27. Wooo! The theme is luau and folks are encouraged to wear their loudest Hawaiian shirts or mumus. Again there will be hourly door prizes, donated by the artists. This time it costs $1 to get in, but that gets you into the prize drawing and the prizes are always really nice.

This is a relatively new festival in its 3rd year, and it's really a fun family scene. Mostly it's a craft fair, featuring wonderful quality handmade goods from local artists. I have been impressed with the quality and variety of crafts. There will also be non-profit booths like a photo booth & face painting, food, beer & wine. Oh and music both days.

I have had a great time at these shows (spring and fall), although they aren't very well known yet. This year there's an ad on KHUM, so maybe that will help. Really I'd love to see these shows take off and get huge, because the community idea is really there.

The big deal for me is the world premier of my new Stamp Art, Print your own T-shirt! booth. I'll have bandanas, shirts for kids & adults, baby onesies and more to be printed by you with an array of handmade stamps. I'm so excited about this... I even have a Hawaiian flower, so you can make your own Hawaiian shirt. Wooo!

I'll also have my usual Mermaid clothing booth... and since this is my first actual show this season (after all my van drama and canceled shows grrr) I've got TONS of clothes. Which means tons of stuff on sale. I even started $5 and $10 buckets. Oh, and I've added about a million new baby and girl's dresses. They aren't on sale, but man are they cute!!

Anyway, hope to see you there! Tell everyone! We need to support this cool local show. Yay Spring!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey! THAT was fun...

Never a dull moment around the Palace. Adventure is my middle name. Or is it Panky? One of those...

Yep, worked hard all week to prepare for this big awesome show down in Bodega Bay... about a 5 hour drive from here. Packed up the Shiny Van by noon with a big smile on my face. Ready to go!

But, Shiny Van wouldn't start. Made noise like it wanted to, but no go. Fighting back panic, I called Barney who sent our friend Bob over to help with some male mojo or whatever. Bob shows up, looks under the hood (just looks, doesn't touch anything), casually turns the key and tada! Started right up! I was baffled. I may have felt a little dumb. But hey... it's running and I'm behind schedule. Thanks Bob!

Barney suggested I take it by his mechanic for a quick look-over... but after driving
it around town doing my errands with no problems, I decided to get going. Good thinkin.

Driving down 101 was great fun... the sun was shining, the ipod & I were singing, the van was running as awesomely as ever. Woooo! I was dreaming of a very successful show. Some needed financial and social relief. Ah dreams.

Just past Laytonville, about 12 miles before Willits... I decided to stop at the rest area (rather than in Willits as usual), so as to cruise on through the next couple hours to my destination and hopefully miss the Santa Rosa traffic. I called Barney to let him know how well things were going, how lovely the van was driving, etc... as I was saying these things, I started up the van. But wait. No I didn't. It wouldn't start. Not the first time, not the tenth time. I was stuck.

Did you know there's a horror movie called Rest Stop? Uh huh. It wasn't quite that bad. Not scary or anything... just depressing. I sat for a while, trying to start the van using Bob magic. I wiggled stuff under the hood. I prayed. I asked a Harley dude if he could help but, "I don't fix no cars." Silly me.

Finally, I called a tow truck for a jump. What do I know? After an hour, he shows up and tells me I don't need a jump... and he can't tow me. He calls another truck. I wait.

I'm still thinking I have until 7am to get to the show and it could happen. Frustrated but hopeful.

A lady calls me to say my AAA card won't cover the mileage, so the tow will cost $50 and do I have the means to pay? Yeah. Whatever.

The second tow truck shows up and the guy is SO friendly and helpful. He pokes around and gives me some possible causes. None of which are as readily fixable as I had hoped. But, he is a good sport and tries to get it running for me. Then, we're off to the thriving metropolis of Willits.

The Nice Tow Guy tells me if he takes me to a particular AAA approved site, I won't have to pay anything. Ok that sounds good. In fact, this site also rents uhauls... which looks more like what we'll need to get this Shiny baby home. Great.

Well... I'll abbreviate the rest of the story. Between Ukiah and Willits there were no tow trailers to be had on a Friday evening. We loaded what we could into Barney's truck, headed to Eureka in extremely foul moods.
We were both exhausted. I was very sad and disappointed. I dare say Barney was a little more on the psycho side.

Saturday, we awoke with much more optimistic attitudes. MUCH. It took most of the day to haul the van back, but it was calm and sunny and actually pleasant time together after all. We learned some things that helped ease our minds... my van had not been ravaged by tweekers while we were gone. And the
suspect van parts would cost much less than we had previously been led to believe.

And hey, Willits and back on a 1/4 tank is great huh?

If you were at the Bodega Bay Fisherman's festival... I'm sorry, but I don't really want to hear about it. I'm sure it was fun and sunny and lots of people showed up. Keep it to yourself for now ok? lol. I can't take any more good news right now.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Time for the Fish Fest

Wooo! Man, I am sooo ready to hit the road next weekend for my first show of the season, the Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival. As I mentioned earlier, this is my first time vending at this show... but I have art buddies who do it and say it's great fun.

I've been checking the weather, and right now They are saying 76 degrees for next weekend. What? 76?? At the coast?? Ok, sounds good to me. Since it dumped rain last year (and last night), I'll take warm and sunny no problem. I wonder if I can embed a little weather doohicky that will update itself... hm let me see for a sec...

Ok, that didn't work. I guess blogspot doesn't like java script... huh.

Anyway, back to the festival. Lots of neato activities happening there... um, a wooden boat race, blessing of the fleet by a mermaid lady (at least that's what I read someplace - I sure hope I get to see that), boat parade, kite flying, pet parade (and me with no doggy T-shirts grr), seafood, music, and probably more stuff. Excellent.

AND I'll be pulling into the show driving my shiny new Mermaid Mobile. I picture lots of honking and waving and cheering as I drive into the park. Maybe confetti. I'll let you know.

Ok, still lots to do to get ready. Oh, and it will be like 2 weeks before I see Barney again... what with him only home on weekends, and me gone for the weekend. Sigh. But, a girl's got to bring home the bacon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


That's right, people. At long last a new Mermaid Mobile is born. AaaaaahAAAAAAh (that's my imitation of angels singing).

After maybe 2 years of whining and hoping and hunting and discussing, yesterday we brought home my baby. A shiny 1999 Chevy Express cargo van.

This is by far the newest vehicle I have ever owned. It has running lights and air bags! Never mind that, CUP HOLDERS and air conditioning!
I'm fairly bursting into the nineties here. And see my birthday-ipod radio adapter? Oh, I'll be traveling awesomely this summer alright. You bet.

I might hyperventilate. I don't think I could be more excited.

It really has been like bringing home a baby. OK maybe a new pet. All kinds of new toys and we just want to play with it obsessively. I already have new tires, oil change, a paint touchup pen, washer fluid. We're discussing how to outfit the back for shows... liners, storage. Whew. Barney keeps poking at stuff. I can't wait to clean it. And I'm thinking about painting the mermaid logo on the side really huge. Hee hee.

I have been saving up a pile of bumper stickers in anticipation of this day... I think I took a picture, let's see...

Yeah, just one has made it so far. Yippee!! Mermaid Vans Rule!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meanwhile... back at the Palace...

I'm working on my booth display some. The Mermaid jewels are a relatively new addition to the booth ... and displaying them has been a challenge. So far, I've been putting them on hooks. I've tried more hooks, shorter hooks, horizontal bars, that little board. I do sell them, and they do catch people's eye. But, they are still too hard to see. All bunched up with no fabric behind them.

So, recently I made these lovely boards. Tada! Nice huh? I got some big picture frames on sale, covered the mats with batting and some fake raw silk fabric, and I think they look fabulous! I still want to add some swirlies with a silver paint pen... but they really give the jewels some presence. I think when they were bunched up they looked kind of cheap. Now they are in a showcase and so they look a bit fancier. I just had to accept the fact that I don't need to display every necklace I have at once. That whole backstock concept is hard for me.

Oh, and I finally got some of those nice fold-up rolling racks. I think they will come in very handy. In the new van, I might use these in lieu of a built-in hang bar. And they fold up so flat!

I know... doesn't take much to excite me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Van Talk

Yep. I'm pretty sure that THIS time I really AM getting a new van. One that looks very much like these photos. Possibly by week's end.

Why now? (you might be asking yourself).... when shows have barely started and you must surely be broke as hell, Bekki?? Yeah good question.

Because, the (ugly) reliable van I have been using for the past couple years needs some work. Barney took it in for a pre-craft-fair checkup and found it needs at least $400 worth of repairs to safely leave town. Tie rods I think. Plus it needs some other work soon, brakes I think. Yeah. Not stuff you let slide when you drive 200 miles of winding mountain roads to get to work.

So, we decided it would be best to take that $400+ and put it toward a new van, which we've been hunting for anyway. It's exciting. But also a little stressful. I had to cancel my show in Oregon this next weekend (ouch)... I'll have 2 more weeks until the next one in Bodega Bay.

So, hopefully this van thing will pan out and I'll be sporting my new Mermaid Mobile by then... and not only will I be safe, I'll have less chance of being mistaken for a homeless lady or stalker. Cool.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh, It's On.

Yep. Confirmed for my first show with my new Stamp Art print your own T-shirt booth. Ha. I'm a little nervous... just because I want it to go well, and it's so different from my usual booth. But, I think it has real potential. And the Spring Fever Festival at Redwood Acres (apr 26-27) is the perfect first show... not too busy, but lots of children. Heehee pretty exciting.

Here's how it will work. To start, I'll have bandanas for $5, baby onesies and kid's T-shirts for $10, adult T-shirts up to 3x for $15. Eventually I'll add black and dyed shirts for an extra few bucks. For the money, you choose one awesome rubber stamp and one ink color, extra stamps or colors are $2.

The key will be having cool stamps to choose from. I'm making them myself. The ink will be water-based and non toxic, so it will have to be heat set. For this show I'll probably have an iron for that... outdoor shows will need a take-home instruction sheet. It only needs like 1 minute of ironing, so as long as I make a big deal about it and have a day glo info sheet, shouldn't be an issue.

So the big thing for now is to get the designs ready, test the inks and stamp supplies. When the show gets closer, I'll hold a test run of the booth in the back yard and invite some kids to try it all out.

Exciting isn't it?? I know. Totally.

But today, I dye.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shows Season Begins! Yippee!

At long last... it's time for the craft shows to begin. It's been a long dark winter in the depths of the sea here at the Palace. But now it's time to rise up to the bright surface and do some serious Mermaid work. I am SO ready to get moving!

First round of shows begins in 2 weeks, here's the confirmed line up so far:

March 28-30 - Spring Fair - Douglas County Fairgrounds, Roseburg, Oregon.
This is my firs time at this show. I didn't do spectacularly well my last time in Roseburg. But, it's a nice drive and an indoor show so at least I won't get rained on. I plan on having lots of little girl dresses and clearance items at this show.

April 12-13 - Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival - Bodega Bay, CA.
I've been wanting to do this one for the past few years. Last year I heard it poured rain... but maybe I'll be lucky. Looks like an awesome festival right on the bay, boat parades, boat building, kite flying, animal parade. Sounds like fun!

April 26-27 - Spring Fever Festival - Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, Eureka, CA.
This will be my third time doing this local show. It usually coincides with the annual Rhododendron Parade, which was canceled this year. Booo. Hopefully people will still come out as this festival grows... and I believe there is an antique fair at the fairgrounds at the same time. Also, this could be my first attempt at having my Stamp Art (print your own T-shirt) booth. I've proposed to do both booths, we'll see if she goes for it. [**Update: The Rhodi parade is back on! They'll be parking floats at the fairgrounds this weekend. The antique fair moved to another weekend.**]

Exciting isn't it?? I know... but lots to do to get ready. I have plenty of plans and schemes in the works. More soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh How I Love the Breakfast Blogger

Check out the Pancake video... I tried to embed but I don't think it worked right. Wait, let me try again here... maybe it's my crappy computer, but mine keeps stopping. Go to youtube and it works great. lol. I enjoy this video every time I watch it. Yay Pancakes!

Ready for Spring

I think I'm just about ready to get going on some festivals. Lots of planning and purchasing going on here at The Palace.

This weekend though, I mostly hung out with Barney. He started working in the bay area, so I only get him on the weekends for a while. Sigh. We did lots of movie-watching and snuggling... and I made so much jewelry I got a blister. I'm a machine, I know.

Well it really started with a flower garland I made to decorate my booth. The wire in the flowers was hard to cut and I worked on that thing for like 3 hours. I was having so much fun I didn't care that my hands hurt. Then I made jewelry for 2 days. I can't help myself.

I got a couple of neato packages yesterday... one full of hats! I'm excited to have found these cotton hats to dye. I want one of each. I also got my first shipment of shirts from the Buz finally. They are sweet! I'll get a photo at some point...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday Report

Last saturday was my birthday. Barney had a training thing in Benicia on friday. So, I went along and afterward we headed over to Reno for a visit to my little bro and his wife. It was lovely. Weather couldn't have been nicer, sunny and wonderful the entire time.

Let's see... it took about 5 hours to go from here to Benicia. No problem. The drive to Reno, according to mapquest, takes about 3 hours. Hm. 3 hours got us just through Sacramento. Bloody hell. It actually took 5 hours. We could have driven home in that time. Anyway, that's life in civilization...I don't know how people can live that way. Blech.

We mostly hung out at the house there... went out for birthday sushi. mmmmm it was good too. And got some ice cream afterwards. Perfect. Otherwise we laid around and watched movies, drank beer and visited. Oh, we did visit Pam & Jim and their two little kids, which was neat. I had never seen the kids awake. Of course I didn't take any pictures. Trust me, they're cute. All 4 of them actually.

Yeah, I mostly forgot about my camera except when I was in the truck. I got this one picture of Josh & Nell but that's it. Otherwise a bunch of scenic shots from the drive.

Overall it was a quick but relaxing trip. I came home feeling refreshed and energized even. A great birthday. I can't wait for J&N to move back up here where we can bug them on a regular basis again. Yay!