Friday, December 28, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Jeesh... guess I've been snoozing on the whole blog thing eh? And still no snotty comments from Fred. Go figure.

Well, I see I haven't yet put up a craft fair report from the Arcata Holiday Market. Mostly because I didn't take any photos... not as fun to report that way. Ha. But also it was fairly uneventful... bah, I'll make one anyway I suppose.

One project I've neglected to report on is my friend's little temporary store in Old Town Eureka, on the Gazebo next to Sjaak's Chocolates. I know you know where that is. So, yeah... two friends of mine who import stuff from Ghana and Vietnam opened this store just for the month of Dec and asked me to consign some of my goods there. Not sure how many I have sold... some. But now that gift giving is over, they are trying to drum up business by having a super blowout sale. So, I guess I'm putting stuff on sale too. I think they plan on being open through Arts Alive on Jan 5 and then close the next day. So for gawd's sake, go there and buy some stuff! It is a neat little place with tons of interesting goodies. And you can get a truffle while you're there! mmmm

Hm... maybe that's about all that's been going on. See why I'm lagging? Cuz I'm just home every day trying to get people to go to my web site and buy my ebay stuff. I guess there were a couple of exciting days when I convinced myself I should take over the store for good when my friends are finished. Whew, that was close! Hahah. Barney talked some sense into me and I'm all better now.

Well, there are some other personal artsy projects too... hm. I'll try to do a better job reporting here on whateverthehell I'm doing. Ok? ok.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hey! Look what I can do!!

Yeah, I have skills. Sortof. I've been making all sorts of doohickeys online lately. My ebay store has lots of bells and whistles, which I've been trying to take advantage of since I do pay a monthly fee. Pretty fun. See how my store is called Bohemian Mermaid Crafts?? Yeah, cuz that doll chick has Bohemian Mermaid as her ID (mine has a 9 in it) so I can't use it to name my store. Sigh. Whatever.

I also finally made a myspace page. Ok, I knew it was a very populated site... which is why I wanted to join. Just to promote my biz like all those bands I hear are on there. What I didn't expect was to actually know people. Like local people and bands I love. Trippy. So, I have connected with some friends... AND I'm promoting my biz. Woohoo!

Oh, and I just sent out my very first marketing email. Got a sale in like the first hour! Sweet! I kept it simple and linked to my sale and new items pages... I really need to get back on top of keeping a mailing list. It's way outdated and I forget to add customers to it. Such a simple thing, I just need to get back into the habit.

Ok, anyway... I have a craft fair this weekend. Last of the year for me. I'll be at the Arcata Community Center all weekend and it will be a fun time. Lots of great crafts, music, snacks. I'd totally go if I were you. Luckily, I tweaked my lower back yesterday... just in time for the show. Figures. Barney will help w/ setup today, but then he's out of town all weekend (he'll be hobnobbing at a fancy company shindig down in Berkeley...without me). Hopefully it will work itself out by sunday & breakdown time.