Saturday, January 09, 2010

Etsy again.

Yay! I've been working hard to get my online listings going again... and my first round of etsy stuff is up. Oh, let me put up some sort of cool gadget.

Jeesh. The photos, as always, are a challenge. The light has to be perfect to see the colors properly & clearly. I thought it was bright enough outside even though it was partly cloudy... I mean, I had to squint! But the pics were still quite dark. So I had to mess around with brightening them and tweaking some of the colors. Ah well, I'll get better and faster as I go.

Anyway, my goal is to list 10 items per week on etsy, and concurrently update my regular web site with the new photos. This week the goal was 20 things, to get started. Done.

Oh and I have become completely addicted to the etsy forums. I'm learning a ton about all sorts of craft business stuff, not just more about etsy. It's quite a bit of craft nerd fun. A couple examples... there is a great wholesaling thread going, started by the owner of a shop who answers lots of helpful questions. I found this page of neato etsy aps, which was very helpful as well.

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