Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Vacation Time! Woooo!

Oh, yessss. I'm lovin it. After months of hard work and slaving away at the Peace Sticker place between craft shows, filling in for other folks and whatnot... I now have a whole week off! Yippee.

Can I afford it? I don't know. But that won't stop me from enjoying myself. Oh no.

I managed to work o
ut a Mom visit, which is pretty cool. She'll be arriving on Tuesday from North Dakota, and on Thursday we'll drive to Reno to visit my little bro and his wife in their new house. I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing. I mean, Mom hasn't been here to visit for a couple years, hasn't seen the new digs. And I haven't seen my brother since his wedding over a year ago. Eesh. Way too long! It's going to be so fun!!

So, for now... after I'm done basking in my vacation-ness, which means lounging on the computer in my pj's for hours at a time... it will be time to clean the house real good. Yip.

I have a few things planned for Mom when she arrives... I thought we could go from the airport up to Trinidad and hang out a bit. She'll like to see where I've been doing the markets and it's a good spot for a sammich at the beach. Then, we'll hit the grocery store on the way home so Barney has some good stuff to barbecue for us. I think I'll see if my good friend Dimitra is available to join us for a little festivizing in the back yard.

Wednesday, I thought we'd maybe have breakfa
st at the Marina... Mom can see from there the new Boat Safety building Barney just finished next to the Adorni. Then, some shopping... around town and in old town. In the early evening, we'll take the Madaket on the cocktail cruise around the bay. I haven't done that in years, and maybe Barney can join us by then. Afterwards, we'll be dining at the lovely Mazzotti's just blocks from the bay. Sounds like a great day to me!

Thursday, we're off to Reno... woo! There, I can guess there will be more shopping and eating and watching of movies. Mom will fly out of Reno, Barney and I will return home Sunday... happier and well rested maybe.

Then, back to work Monday. Sigh. I'll be filling in for one or the other of my coworkers for the next 2 weeks, actually working alone for a few of those days. Yeah. But hopefully my attitude will be well adjusted by then. Cross your fingers.


Uncle Enore said...

Vacation...vacation...I KNOW I've heard that word before...

Fred said...

Ok, vacation's over. Time to get back to blogging.