Friday, January 05, 2007

More About the Holiday Market

I know I'm a bit late with this... but I wanted to talk a little more about the Arcata Holiday Craft Market. Like I said before, it was fun.

This is my booth, right next to Paula's Puzzles just like every year at the North Country Fair. On the other side, some pretty copper hanging things... and across, the smelly wreath lady. Hahaha. I don't mean she was smelly, but her booth fulla wreaths smelled like all kinds of Holiday Goodness. Eucalyptus, pine, lavender, and I bartered for one of these pretty pepper wreaths that Barney wanted (then I faked him out so I could surprise him for Xmas, muahaha).

Joyful Dancers top on the mannequin there... I sold that top & pants outfit right off her. Love when that happens. The guy had brought his wife by, then snuck back to get it. Lots of that kind of sweetness during that weekend. Heehee.

I found a spot for all the new jewelry. I think it worked out well. People could see it walking by and I even sold some. Woo! Although, looking at it now I probably should have put a curtain up behind it for less cluttered viewing. I left it down since the puzzle booth had an open setup, folks walking by could see my goods through the wall. The food booth was on the other side of them and I wanted to be more visible to them. But even a shirt or something hanging right behind would have helped.

Just to show how crowded my booth is getting, well full at least... I added this extra upper hanging rod down the center of the booth, above the skirts, for all the kid's and baby stuff. Are these baby t-shirts cute or what??

I did a little more bartering too. I found these killer necklaces made of vintage boudoir photos, placed between little squares of soldered glass. The backs had snippets of erotic literature. So neat! I regret not thinking to get one for myself. Um, what else... oh, yes. I traded the nice Gourmet Dog Biscuit lady for a bunch of dog treats. She was fun to visit with.

The nice wood turning couple from the Trinidad Market were there as well. They rock.

The crafts as usual were very high quality. There were 4 or 5 wood booths, only 1 pottery booth (that surprised me!), quite a few jewelry booths - 3 or 4 polymer clay types, which was different. The stained glass box lady... a couple African baskets & sculpture booths. Some other stuff... a nice variety.

I'm looking forward to doing this one again next year.


Uncle Enore said...

Yeah, the baby shirts ARE cute.

One could even put 'em on his granddaughter, assuming one had one to put them on.

I'm just saying...

*Mermaid* said...

Hey don't look at me... Josh is the one to talk to about THAT.

Fred said...

Just curious how long it takes you to set up your booth?

*Mermaid* said...

Generally about 2 hours. Longer with lights or new inventory to display and such.