Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kits for Sale!

Oh, I have some craft kits alright. Do I ever.

I love love love the idea of kits. I guess because I love to come up with craft projects, especially for those who think they are not crafty. That's what I like about teaching art ... showing folks that everyone can enjoy it, not only those who have a talent for it. It's fun and satisfying to start with a pile of stuff and end up with something pretty or useful. My approach is to have them make one item that incorporates a number of skills, pretty much foolproof but with room for creativity. So at the end of the class they go home with something cool that they feel good about.

When I prepare a new class, I write up all the instructions. Once they are done, I can just teach it over and over. The hard part is finished in planning the activity. I like to take the instructions and some supplies and make up kits to sell. Likewise, I can just sell them over and over without much more thought. Except for what the next kit will be.

So, anyway... I have been going kit crazy on ebay and so far it's going well. Here's what I have for sale right now: Bohemian Mermaid Ebay Auctions. I also have a new ebay store thingy, through my new auction manager: Auction Store. The store feature is neato cuz it shows thumbs of everything, but also shows thumbs within each of the auction listings, which rocks.

Most of what I normally sell on ebay are unused sewing patterns that I buy at thrift stores... also some craft books or supplies, if I can find them in good shape. I've been selling the crochet hat kits (featuring my own patterns) for a long time. But, now I have added the Silk Scarf kit and Kool-aid Silk kit... and also as of yesterday, the new Deluxe Hat Kit with fancy yarns. Oh yeah, and some beading kits, which I'm selling even without the instructions I was going to draw up.

I think the secret is to have lots of auctions in lots of categories around ebay. So, that's what I'm trying to do. Seems to be working. Of course, I had to start selling buttons and stickers from work. I get a good price and I can rummage through the flawed stuff for some really good deals.

I'm also going to add more Mermaid goods, maybe some T-shirts or tote bags. Now that I have a space set up in my studio to take photos, it will be easier to do so.

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Uncle Enore said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were not only enjoying yourself, but making money too.

Have you ever seen our garage? It is absolutely full of crap, most of which will never be touched again, except to move it from one place to another.

And your little sister has TONS of old toys and kids' books in there of all sorts, including a refrigerator box FULL of stuffed animals.

I've suggested to her to sort the toys some way...into groups or some damned thing, I'll take pictures and we can sell the crap on eBay with her taking the profits.

"Yeah, Da, that's a great idea. Go ahead."

Um...YOU have to dig the stuff out.