Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mermaid Tour 2015 - Starting Out in Oregon

Mermaid Tour 2015 - Starting Out in Oregon
Day 1 of my 5 week tour started right on time. I could hardly believe it.  By noon the van was packed and ready (see above)... a few errands around town, and I was on my way out of Eureka, CA by 2pm.  Wooo!! Feeling great! Finally all the long hours of hard work over the past month was done. Seriously, I worked my ass off every day of June making clothes for this trip. 5 shows is no joke, and I wanted to sell sell sell. When I finally left I felt more ready, I think, than any tour before. 

There is a real sense of relief when I get started on a trip like this... so much work and prep and stress happens in the planning, and then the moment you leave town it is over. Bam. The rest is just coasting with your plans, no more can really be done. It feels a little surreal too, after all the planning and visualizing. Here I go, now I am doing this thing I've talked about for 6 months. I think I spent a lot of that first night marveling outloud that my Tour had actually begun. 

Leisa wants you to know she has 2 other normal size cats.
My first stop was Springfield, Oregon, where I stayed one night with my dear friend Leisa. This was the only pic I took I guess. Well Cali the cat is huge. Leisa and I have been friends for over 20 yrs, so we had a great time catching up. Got some dinner and talked until very late. Great girlfriend time that I think we both needed. The next day, I was able to leave at my leisure, having all day to get to my next destination. We had lunch and I was on my way. Really such a perfect way to start this epic journey. I felt so relaxed and nourished...and energized to get to my first show!

I arrived in Sandy, OR mid afternoon and got setup for the Sandy Mountain Festival. Sandy is just east of Portland, on the way to Mt. Hood. It's a tricky layout in a hilly wooded park, one way in and one way out. But I'm lucky to have a booth at the end of a side row, so I can park and not block anyone. I love my spot at this fair! I'm right across from a little ampitheater with shows all day long, off the main walkway but very visible as well. 

View from the van in Sandy.
This show is nice enough to provide a grassy field for overnight parking, a few blocks away. It is right by the highway, but otherwise tree lined and peaceful. Well, except for the band that plays outdoors in town, so loud we can hear every word. Luckily they are good and play oldies, it's like listening to the radio. Whatever, it is always nice to have a free camping spot!

Overall I had a fabulous weekend in Sandy. This was my 4th year at this festival and it has become one of my favorite shows to do. The park is so lovely, and the people so friendly! I have gained many regular customers and friends over the years, and I just have a great time. This year I actually had the best show sales I've ever had there. Success! What a wonderful start to my tour.