Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Mermaid Tour 2015 - Overview

Sunset at the blues fest in Winthrop, WA.

 Mermaid Tour 2015 - Overview
Well, I did it. My third big Mermaid Tour is complete and I am currently recovering from 5 weeks of driving, craft shows, camping and visiting. I think with certainty I can say I will not be doing another Tour next year. At least not as long and far. It was fun and lucrative, but exhausting. Plus it is just too long to be away from my husband, although he is very sweet and supportive about it. 

Every year I have made improvements to the Tour, and this year was indeed even better than last year in many ways.  My van didn't break down for the first time in Tour history. Ha. The air conditioner worked for the duration, which was great. I convinced my husband to meet up with me for one week of the Tour on his motorcycle. That was excellent. And since I mostly duplicate the shows from last year, I knew where to camp and mostly what to expect sales wise. I improved my sales at 3 out of 4 of the shows. I actually skipped show #5 and still did more sales than last year.  

Columbia River Gorge

So I would call this trip a success! The one thing, though, about repeating it so soon was that the anticipation and excitement was a bit less. I lost a little bit of that wonder, that overwhelming feeling of achieving a long time goal. Oh there was certainly magic this time, plenty of moments of feeling completely free and giddy over it. Just not quite as much as last year. Overall though, it was an epic adventure.

This is an interactive map of my trip eastward. I started here in Eureka, CA. The shows I had scheduled for the whole trip were:

Sandy Mountain Festival - Sandy, OR
Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival - Winthrop, WA
A Capital A'Fair - Bismarck, ND
Huckleberry Days - Whitefish, MT
Wild Rivers Music Festival - Brookings, OR