Friday, February 28, 2014

Start Selling at Craft Fairs #3: Marketing Materials

Part 3 of a series of posts I'm calling (5 Steps to) Get Started Selling at Craft Fairs. Read Step #1: Find Your Shows and Step #2: Booth Display.

Marketing Materials
Even at the dinkiest of shows, you have the opportunity to get your name and your work out into the world. I think it's the most basic marketing requirement to have a card to give out to your customers, with your contact info and what you make. People will see plenty of other booths throughout the day. If they are interested enough to buy your work or ask for a card, give them something to take away that will keep you in their minds long after they get home. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should be a good reminder of what they saw in your booth, and where to find it later.

My big 3

I have 3 marketing items I always give out in my booth - flyers, business cards and hang tags. I print all of them with my computer on card stock. You can get fancy stuff printed online for pretty cheap these days... I know Vistaprint and send me all kinds of great offers for cards and postcards. So far, I have (mostly) stuck to doing them myself. I enjoy doing it and it's easy to change things when I wish.

My hang tags are attached to each of my items for sale. I make tiny square cards with a hole punched in the corner for the price tag string. On one side they have care instructions for my hand dyed clothing. The other side has the Bohemian Mermaid definition and my web site. When I sell something, the care card goes into the bag. I tell the customer that it contains care instructions and my web site. (I usually give them an info flyer as well.)

My business cards have my standard contact info, including my phone number, email, and mailing address. Many folks will ask you for a card just to have a reminder of you for later. I keep my business cards for actual business contacts; a shop owner, a fellow artist, a custom order request. The rest I give an informational flyer.

I think my flyers are the most important thing I give my customers at a show. On one side, I have my business name, a small color example of my work and a bit about me and what I do. I want them to remember why they asked for a card to begin with, since they will see many other booths that day. On the other side, I list my show schedule, retail outlets and web site. In fact, I think my web site is on both sides. Even if you just have your name, some clip art, and your etsy site... it's better than nothing. I have started to print my flyers on card stock, mostly as a better response to folks who ask for a 'card', but also because a card is harder to crush and toss away than paper.

When preparing for your first craft show, don't let your printed materials (or lack of) hold you back. I have seen people not sign up for a show because their logo isn't quite right. Ugh you're killing me. Your priority should be producing good work and figuring out a nice display. Just have a little something with your basic contact info (simple is fine!) to give out to your customers. You'll have plenty of time to add to them as you grow.

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