Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Daphne Book

Okay, today I was finally able to give my gift to my niece. The quiet book I've been working on for the past month. For her first birthday, I wanted to make her something special that she could enjoy for a while. This will be something she can use as she grows over the next few years. Each page has a learning/playing activity. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It was so fun to do and some of the pages I just love. For now I'll post some pics, and I'll probably do another post about how I made it.

The little girl page has a dress that unbuttons and little undies inside. The dolly looks like the one I gave Lil D at her mom's baby shower, Alice Monkey Kitty. Below, the phone page for phone talking. Of course the headset comes off.

I was just thinking of things little kids like, so I made this pet the kitty page. I already had the fake fur. Oh and she can tie the bow on the kitty too. Some day. The one below is so cute! I'll find the link to where I got the idea (this How to Make a Quiet Book blog is full of great ideas and tutorials. Thank you!)... bake the cupcakes in the little oven. I added the numbers so it was also a counting activity.

Next we have the garden pages. Flowers with little bugs to play with, can be matched to the same colored flower. The wings are all 3d. The vegetable garden is probably my favorite of all the pages. The green veggies snap, the root veggies have little pockets. I crocheted the basket so she can gather all the veggies for harvest.

Little Daphne's parents do enjoy their robots and zombies. So, here you go. The robot has a zipper pocket with a little heart inside (general robot design inspired by Homemade by Jill, not shown here is a name page similar to hers as well. Great ideas!). The friendly zombie has parts that snap, for body part learning. Please note the standard tattered suit zombie uniform and the spaced out eyes.  

Certainly no craft project of this caliber would be complete without a mermaid. She doesn't do much, but the hair can be braided and there's a real pearl (from my wedding jewels) inside the shell. 

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