Sunday, August 01, 2010

Show #3 Gig Harbor WA

After Portland, it was time to move up to the Seattle area... Gig Harbor. Sigh. I have mixed feelings about this place. First a little background...

Back in June, when I had first decided to do this trip, I was vending at the much loved Mateel Arts & Music festival in southern humboldt county. Coincidentally, my booth neighbors were from Gig Harbor, which I had never even heard of before. They told me how hard it would be for me to simply hide out camping in my van as I normally do during a show. I fussed and fretted over that quite a bit... but I had a plan. I knew there were big box stores nearby who are known to be ok with overnight parking guests. So I figured, if I didn't find anything close that would be my last ditch plan. 

Well, I came to town and right away hated it. I've since learned that there are many such fake small towns in the area... maybe once it had been a quaint seaside town (sound side?), but now packed full of shiny car drivers who commute to one of the many nearby giant cities. Also, the roads were wonky and narrow and I was easily confused and frustrated. Blech.

Add to this the presence of 'we will tow you if you park here over night' signs at my sure fire parking spots... no bueno. At setup time (too close to sunset for my comfort) I was still wondering where I'd sleep for the night and getting increasingly anxious about it. When up pulled my old booth neighbor friends. I had looked for them earlier where their space was supposed to be, with no luck... but alas! Their booth had been moved right next to mine. No freakin way! Right away he asked if I'd found a place and invited me to park on their property for the weekend. 

At that moment, my weird uncomfortable show turned into a pretty fun show. My hosts were so gracious and their home located pretty close by on 3 acres of woods. I had bathroom and shower access, even sunday morning coffee! And they also hosted a little artist bbq saturday which was a treat.

The show itself was fairly successful... I did find the clientele a bit snooty patooty for my taste. But my fun neighbors more than made up for that. Overall, a nice show but I'm not sure I'd go back.

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Jendocino said...

I had similar mixed feelings about my trip to Oregon. The people I stayed with were great, but the actual place made me feel really uncomfortable. It's all an adventure, though, right? That's the whole point. I'm glad things worked out for you in the end!