Sunday, August 01, 2010

Post Turkey Wanderings

Ok, now all my pics are on my phone, so I'll add a couple after... right now I'm at an actual computer. woot. 

So after Turkey Rama, I headed east toward Mt. Hood for a couple nights of camping. The rhythm of this trip has been lovely. Work in town and get up to my eyeballs in people contact, then go to the middle of nowhere for quiet time alone camping. Really perfect. By the time I'm getting bored it's time for the next show. The Portland area had been so hot, I was ready to chill... and that's what I did. Since I chose a camp spot near the pass, it was actually cold. Ha. The better to build campfires. I do so enjoy campfire cooking. 

A couple nights in a beautiful campground, then back to the actual city of Portland for a visit with my friend Margaret. This was a nice surprise, as I had figured we would only have lunch or something brief. But, she invited me to stay a couple nights in her house, with the ok of her housemates. They live next to a cool neighborhood where we were able to walk to beers, food, coffee, books, movies and even a songwriter's open mic. I was also thankful to have use of an empty bedroom for sleeping indoors, and a huge shower with an open skylight. Really a very fun and mellow time with an old friend. 

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