Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Van Tow of the Tour

Well, I knew it was inevitable... can't take a trip this long and not have SOME kind of vehicle issues. Still, I was unhappy to say the least when I was in the Willamette National Forest, stopped at the ranger station for a map, and the van wouldn't start. Fuel pump. Great. 

However, as far as breakdowns go, it couldn't have been much smoother really. So far, my phone works everywhere... I was able to get AAA right away for a tow. Of course, in the middle of nowhere, I wasn't sure what would come next. A tow the 40 miles back to Eugene? A crappy mechanic who'd screw me over or do a crap job? argh. 

Well, the guy who towed me turned out to be something alright. (can you tell I'm at a real computer right now? probably the longest post you'll see in a while. ha.)  On the way back to the tow place, I learned quite a bit about him.... first, that he 'feeds' a homeless guy out back who he lets live in an old RV. We stopped for water, beer, smokes and a sammich. The tow driver was also the owner and mechanic of the shop. ASE certified, baby. AND in his spare time, an EMT and volunteer fire fighter. I felt pretty confident this guy would be helpful and competent. He was nice enough to let me camp near the river on his property, where I stayed in the shade while the van was repaired the next day. 

While I was paying him, he asked about what I do etc... and proceeded to buy $100 worth of goods for his anniversary. Score! Photos to come...


Jendocino said...

Love it, Mermaid! It all works out in the end, doesn't it?

Vaughnde said...

Fantabulous! YAY for our local Firefighters and EMT's! Yay for the Lord watching out for you :) HUGS!!