Wednesday, June 23, 2010

T-1 Week!

Oh my. It's coming up so fast... one week from today, I'll be packing up the van and checking my lists for departure on the Mermaid Tour 2010. I'm working hard not to have a freakout (like I often do when on my way out for a show trip). Doing my walks and taking care of bidness. But, each day my excitement level ratchets up a notch. I fear I'll be unbearable by next week. Anyway, I have all these travel details cluttering my brain. I figured I could bore you with them here... that's what blogs are for. Ha.

As I have been preparing for my 6+ week craft show/camping trip, I have formulated a basic living plan. During the shows, I will hide out in my van as I normally do... somewhere close to the show. This is easy, as the van is empty and I can park it anywhere and go unnoticed. I'm usually so worked and tired, all I do is eat and go to bed anyway.

Between shows, I'll camp in the beautiful forest lands. Tons of fabulous camping all along my route. I'll find a lake or river to camp near... if it's very hot, I'll opt for the coast when in OR & WA. 

Actually, for the first two shows, there are already exceptions. For the 4th of July show in Eugene, I reserved a nice campground on a lake south of town a bit. Stu is riding his motorcycle up with me, so I wanted a good hangout space for us. And showers, for a 3 day show, are very nice to have.  Then, the next show in McMinnville, I'll be parking at my Aunt & Uncle's place nearby. I'm very much looking forward to visiting with them... it's been many many years.  

Since I know I'll have showers and comfort those weekends, I can seek out more isolated camping  for the days between. I invested in my own little portapotty, quite a luxury! Hahaha. Sorry, but that is one of the hardest things to deal with when camping, esp in town. It will be nice to be able to camp wherever I wish, completely self contained.

My general plan is to bring home as much money as possible. This is not a cheap trip. I anticipate spending a couple thousand bucks on gas alone. I have no plans to get a hotel. I will probably eat out a few times with friends, but mostly I'll be eating out of the coolers and cooking over campfires. I don't mind that one bit...  I plan on hitting every fruit stand and farmer's market I come across.

My other plan is to make my trip as comfortable as possible. My big concern is dealing with heat. I am a wuss who overheats easily, so that's a big one. Here's a list of stuff I've been collection and preparing:

- Porta potty :-)
- Battery/plug powered fans (for van and booth)
- Additional small cooler with wheels (for booth toting)
- Bigger 'drinking ice only' cooler with spout
- Van back windows tinted
- Van AC fixed ($ouch$)
- Smaller 1-burner cook stove
- Extra tubs for storage
- New kickass phone like the rest of you have... for web updates and navigation
- Smaller fold-up dolly
- AAA card updated, maps, guidebooks
- Oil changed, general inspection of van
- New sandals
- Better first aid kit (more organized and complete)

Oh, and I'm also still making clothes for sale. This week, I'll finish up the last dye round, then print as many pieces as I'm able. Next week will start the final van packing and list checking.



Uncle Enore said...

Old people always worry about younger people out cavorting around the country, and admonish them to be careful.

I'm old.

Be careful, ok?

*TheMermaid* said...

Ok, Dad... I will.