Saturday, April 10, 2010

Painted Organza Flower

I was inspired by my friend Mary, who held a flower making workshop, to play with this organza flower. I wanted to try painting the fabric first and it worked out nicely! It was really fun to do, I'll be posting the instructions shortly...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Studio Time

Oh I've been busy alright. You know it...

First off, my studio is now clean and organized. Somehow it had devolved into a barely workable pile of junk. Then a completely unworkable pile. NOW a beauuuutiful and functional work space.Oh it makes me feel so good to be in there! During the cleanup, I came across these old test fabrics and teaching projects.

My man put me on artistic orders one day, and it was weirdly just the push I needed. I so often forget to play and just enjoy art... it was great. I goofed around with some printing ideas. A granny square and a plastic doily. 

Then I worked on making these little silk scarves I sell (or don't sell, very often) into pretty rose pins. 

For my next trick, I'm going to play with this poor man's silk screening method... if you hit youtube, you'll find lots of tutorials. Woohoo! Ready to play!!