Friday, December 18, 2009

Crafty Crafty

Ok well I get distracted...I'll try harder. 

Well, holiday craft shows are done. I only did one (as usual) which was the Arcata Holiday Craft Market. I'll call this year's a success. Sales were pretty good... AND I finally connected with the owner of The Rocking Horse and now have bamboo onesies and some kid's T-shirts in the shop. I'm way excited about this, thinking it's a first step to getting all my little Mermaid dresses in there too! 

Ok, now that I have left yet another dayjob (yay!!)... I have plenty of time to work on Mermaid projects around here. My plan for this particular blog is to start posting some more craft projects. I came across my old teaching plans for kids (well, they were for disabled adults, but work for kids), which has tons of neat little projects of all sorts. 

Of course I also have some more crochet patterns, a couple silk painting projects, simple beading... and ideas for more stuff. I'd like to eventually offer supply kits for these projects as well. Woohoo! 

A girl's got to keep busy!


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