Monday, June 29, 2009

Benbow, Fairfax and Tiny Mermaid Dresses

Hey do I have time for this right now? Hm, if I make another cup of coffee, sure... mmm. ok.

Well lagging still on my reports. However I have photos! woo! The Benb
ow show was nice as usual. That is, the Mateel Arts & Music Festival. Perfect weather, good attendance from what I could tell. Although Stu pointed out there is usually a time when it's elbow to elbow and we didn't see it get that crowded. Still lots of folks. We were across from the Holistic Hooping booth which was fun to watch all weekend...

Two little bummers, ok 3. 1) Stu was a freakin grump. Note to self, leave him home next time and take a girl. 2) and I haven't dwelled on this at all really, but one of my nicest pieces was stolen. It was a bummer, but I hate giving that sort of thing much energy so that's the end of that. 3) I managed to get poison oak, which finally cleared up a few days ago (that's 3 weeks of pure torture my friends).

Haha. Still my favorite show... I mean look at our view out the back of the booth. Hello.

So next was my little trip to Fairfax, down in Marin Cty. I stopped over at my friend Shannon's new house on the way, which was lovely. Then up at the crack of dawn to set up at the show. Thank gawd for GPS is all I can say. This is The Bay Area and as close to City as I can handle I think. Whew.

Well the town is cute as a button, very cool and eco-groovy. The fair was held in this beautiful wooded park with two stages, food, crafts, and a flea market area which I didn't actually get to see. Saturday there was a big parade and I had a great view.

My booth neighbors were fun too... two old Italian guys with cigars and about a ton of bird houses, each one different. They are obviously local favorites here. Super nice guys... father & son it turned out.

I ended up doing quite well, sales wise. The only hard part of the show was the parking. Yikes. Literally half of the town is a no parking zone, no designated vendor parking. That part was so difficult I might not go back. Of course my whole weekend was soured a bit by the fresh poison oak situation. We'll see how I feel next year... overall a really nice festival.

So now I'm up to my elbows in little dresses preparing for the big 3-day 4th of July hootinany in Mt. Shasta. This year it take place thurs, fri, sat. So I'm leaving after work wed. Whew. I was a bit late in reserving a campground in Castle Craggs which is like 20 min out of town... but got a spot instead at the KOA practically right downtown. My first koa stay, but it should be super convenient and with nice showers. aaaaaahh showers.

I plan on hitting the Goat's Head Tavern (I'm pretty sure I got the name right) again, which Stu and I found last year to be off the hook awesome. Great fresh food and a bunch of micros on tap. Also gonna bring stuff to cook over my campfire. Going solo this year, but I'm ready for some quiet time. The show should be rockin and I'll be seeing my friend Doug the Whale Guy.

But still tons to do before I go... onward!