Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Projects

Hey wow... I am way behind on my updates here. Jeesh. Suddenly a whirlwind of creative activity and it feels so good! Let's see how much I can summarize here...

Well, the big one right now is the mall store. That's Schatzi's Hidden Treasures near the food court center in the Bayshore Mall. This is my friend Timotek's shop full of fair trade imports from Vietnam, Ghana, Thailand... AND my own locally-dyed Bohemian Mermaid clothing and jewelry. Woo! The store just opened up and will remain through December. I'll be setting up the rest of my display Thursday. It's a beautiful store, not your usual importy stuff... an interesting variety of very high quality artisan goods. (You may have seen their store last year in old town behind the gazebo, this one is 3x the size!)

Oh, we (Timotek and I) also have some Barack Obama T-shirts for sale on ebay. Free shipping, adult and kids sizes... now is the time, my friends.

I have this great new print I want to share... but first I need to set up the new compy and figure out my shiny new camera. Woo! Finally. Stu hooked me up this weekend with a nice one, which I needed very much. I can't wait to fix up my web site with nicer quality photos! Anyway, I'll post the new print asap... the Butterfly Goddess, exactly how I'm feeling right now.

Going back a couple weeks... the Hoedown was so much fun! A little hotter than I expected, but so was the music. Holy moly. Devil Makes 3 is my new favorite band. They were amazing live. As was Laura Love, wow. We got a booth spot right by the main stage, so it was perfect. My other new favorite band is the Absynth Quintet... who I loved before, but now I really need a cd for sure. Add in David Lindley and Huckleberry Flint. We really soaked up the righteous music... goal achieved. Oh and the new Mateel venue at the SoHum Community Park is beautiful!

Ok more recently, this past weekend we attended the Steele Wines Harvest Festival in Kelseyville down on Clear Lake. Another great event, what a fun time! A beautiful venue in the middle of vineyards, wine tasting, music, and high quality crafts. The people are so friendly, the sun was shining, it was great. We sprung for a lakeside cabin for a little after hours romance... bonus!

So yeah... lots happening. First I need to figure out my cool new camera so I can share some photos here. I'll get right on that.