Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunshine and Other Good Stuff

Holy smokes! Was anyone else totally amazed by the weather this weekend?? Who could have predicted so much warm sunshine, after the cold grey week we had before it? Nobody that's who. That was by far the most miraculous thing about the weekend to my mind. I couldn't shut up about it. No wind, very few clouds or fog. Party perfection.

Of course, we all know what follows the sun... everything. Tons of smiling people came out to festivize with us at the fair. It was great. I heard multiple vendors saying sales were great as well. Saw lots of friends, plenty of regular customers, made some good connections. My sweety hung around all of Sat, which was extra fun. Oh, and my friends Kulica finally played on the stage near me! They are usually on the other side of the plaza... so I got to dance a little. In my booth, between customers. lol.

Yes, another awesome North Country Fair. I'm all aglow... I took some pics of the parades, I'll post them shortly.

For this upcoming weekend, I managed to squeeze into the Humboldt Hills Hoedown at the last minute. Normally I try not to do one-day shows, and I was planning on heading to Mendo for the Casparfest... but with gas as it is, last year's Casparfest sales iffy (even though it's a Superfun event), and when I saw the music line up for the Hoedown... I started thinking differently. That's really what made my mind up, wow. It will be a long day but the music is off the hook! David Lindley, Devil Makes Three, Laura Love, Buckey Walters, Absynth.... and on and on. I'm excited. And one more taste of warm weather... mmmm...

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