Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's time for North Country!

Yes, once again I'm up to my elbows in dye baths and mermaids as I prepare for another North Country Fair. Takes place each year on the Autumnal Equinox weekend at the Arcata Plaza. That's this coming weekend by the way. A great great festival. Tons of local and area artists, great quality of crafts every year. Music and dance on 3 stages. Local food and brew. Really a showcase of local talent, everyone comes out to play. You are sure to see friends you haven't seen since last year's festival. So so much fun! And entrance is free.

Oh and the parades. Saturday at 1:00 is the Samba Parade, which is fun to watch. Steel drums and dancing women, hello. Sunday the All-Species Parade, anyone can join this one. Kids and adults in creative costumes, kinetic sculptures, and who knows what else.

On the vendor inside tip... this year for the first time (at the last minute), they required vendor liability insurance. I know at least one vendor who withdrew, hopefully it didn't impact the booth attendance too much.

I was a little late with my application, so I'll be in a new spot... in front of Moonrise Herbs on G Street. Maybe it will be sunnier there, my booth is usually a bit dark on the 8th St. side.

What will I have that's new? Hmmm... well the afore mentioned Rust color, possibly a couple other new colors since last year. I'm up to about a dozen now. Tons more little girl dresses, from 3 months to size 10. Haven't met the little girl yet who doesn't love a mermaid dress. New hats, new prints, oh these great new linen cropped pants. Oooh they are nice! And some beautiful cotton empire waist tops with lace, up to size 3x. Super flattering and cute. Probably more that I can't recall... bah, much more work to be done.

Hope to see you there. Come by and get a Bohemian Mermaid sticker!

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