Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blues Again

Hey, another fun year at the Blues by the Bay festival. Check out my sorta panoramic view from the booth. That pointy thing just to the left of the glare spot is the stage. As usual the music was awesome, the crowd fun, the sun shining. We were only a few booths from the stage in one direction, and 2 booths from the beer in the other. Perfect!

Well, the only imperfection was the wind. Wow. Super super windy, especially Sunday. I know there was at least one tent taken by the gusts, and setups were definitely shaky. And it was quite cold. But the sun shone and that was all we could really ask for.

Saw some friends too... like CJ here, who turned out to be one hellofa sales woman. Jeesh. Who knew. She's just a natural schmoozer, and cute as a button. Who can resist? We had a great time visiting with her and her hubby. I also got to see Sarah at her booth nearby... found out she and her man are expecting a baby!! yowza. They will be opening a temporary store in the Bayshore Mall from Oct-Dec and asked me to add my clothing to the mix. That should be a fun adventure...

Oh and the new color was a big hit. Sold that poncho and hat in the photo, and folks were coming by looking for them after they sold. So that's a good sign I guess. I made a fresh batch of Rust stuff for the North Country Fair next weekend. Ooooh it's getting close...

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