Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creative Update

Wait! Don't forget about Blues by the Bay in Eureka, CA this weekend!! I'll be there with tons of goods, my new color and prints... we'll all dance and have a great time in the sun. Wooo!

Hm well I'm not usually good about posting my creative updates here. So I thought I'd share my latest color adventure... Rust. I've had lots of requests for orange, so this is my version. Happily, it turned out exactly as I pictured. Rich and earthy, but with lots of orange light... a bit brighter on the rayon than the cotton.

I was a little shocked by the orange dye bath... it was practically neon orange. Barney would call it safety orange. Most of my dye colors begin with a bright under color, much like underpainting. I think it gives my fabrics an energy, some of them sort of vibrate. (or maybe I'm just a dye geek... )

Then I overdyed it with my favorite dark brown, and I'm really happy with the result.

Oh, and I have a couple new prints I've been using... um two florals. My favorite is the one I'm calling Bohemian Floral. It's actually based on a traditional Indian design. I really like how the shapes interact with the textures of the material. Especially in this color combo... although I might be alone on this one. ha.

I'm planning on finishing up my new Swimming Mermaids prints for the blues show too... oooh they are pretty. Hope to see you there!


NellBot said...

How about a freakin' update! How was the festival for cryin' out loud!!


*TheMermaid* said...

Hahahaha! Hey, nobody reads this thing but you and Mom, still nice to know someone cares. I did take some photos so I'll get right on it... it was freakin windy as hell but colder. And fun.