Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun times...

Well the art & wine thingy in Gold Beach was so much fun! Ok... there were mishaps, but first the positive. Gold Beach is gorgeous! Right on the ocean, as was the Event Center on the Beach, aka Curry County Fairgrounds. And the people were SO so friendly, wonderful crafts and wine vendors. I just had a great time. Not only that, but I was approached by a nice lady who owns a shop in town, South Beach Gallery on 101... and she'll be carrying some of my nicer clothing items from now on. Woo! I really made some great new friends and business contacts. Fun fun.

The downside (and I'm a little embarrassed to add this) was that Shiny Van broke again. Seriously. Barney came up all the way from the bay area to help me tow it back home. Again. I know... ridiculous.

Well, the good news is that a) I believe the correct diagnosis has finally been made and is on its way to being fixed, and b) after a little sit-down with the lot we bought it from (used & 'as-is'), they seem to be amiable (or at least willing) to help with some of the costs we have incurred since buying it. SIX weeks ago. Especially now that we figured out the van has been in a front end collision, poorly repaired and that's the cause of our problems. Uh huh. Don't make me bring my hippy friends to picket your lot, dude.

And again, the situation did offer some needed Barney time. I wouldn't have seen him for a couple weeks otherwise... so, you know. Overall I'll call the weekend a success. ha.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008