Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday Report

Last saturday was my birthday. Barney had a training thing in Benicia on friday. So, I went along and afterward we headed over to Reno for a visit to my little bro and his wife. It was lovely. Weather couldn't have been nicer, sunny and wonderful the entire time.

Let's see... it took about 5 hours to go from here to Benicia. No problem. The drive to Reno, according to mapquest, takes about 3 hours. Hm. 3 hours got us just through Sacramento. Bloody hell. It actually took 5 hours. We could have driven home in that time. Anyway, that's life in civilization...I don't know how people can live that way. Blech.

We mostly hung out at the house there... went out for birthday sushi. mmmmm it was good too. And got some ice cream afterwards. Perfect. Otherwise we laid around and watched movies, drank beer and visited. Oh, we did visit Pam & Jim and their two little kids, which was neat. I had never seen the kids awake. Of course I didn't take any pictures. Trust me, they're cute. All 4 of them actually.

Yeah, I mostly forgot about my camera except when I was in the truck. I got this one picture of Josh & Nell but that's it. Otherwise a bunch of scenic shots from the drive.

Overall it was a quick but relaxing trip. I came home feeling refreshed and energized even. A great birthday. I can't wait for J&N to move back up here where we can bug them on a regular basis again. Yay!

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