Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh How I Love the Breakfast Blogger

Check out the Pancake video... I tried to embed but I don't think it worked right. Wait, let me try again here... maybe it's my crappy computer, but mine keeps stopping. Go to youtube and it works great. lol. I enjoy this video every time I watch it. Yay Pancakes!

Ready for Spring

I think I'm just about ready to get going on some festivals. Lots of planning and purchasing going on here at The Palace.

This weekend though, I mostly hung out with Barney. He started working in the bay area, so I only get him on the weekends for a while. Sigh. We did lots of movie-watching and snuggling... and I made so much jewelry I got a blister. I'm a machine, I know.

Well it really started with a flower garland I made to decorate my booth. The wire in the flowers was hard to cut and I worked on that thing for like 3 hours. I was having so much fun I didn't care that my hands hurt. Then I made jewelry for 2 days. I can't help myself.

I got a couple of neato packages yesterday... one full of hats! I'm excited to have found these cotton hats to dye. I want one of each. I also got my first shipment of shirts from the Buz finally. They are sweet! I'll get a photo at some point...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday Report

Last saturday was my birthday. Barney had a training thing in Benicia on friday. So, I went along and afterward we headed over to Reno for a visit to my little bro and his wife. It was lovely. Weather couldn't have been nicer, sunny and wonderful the entire time.

Let's see... it took about 5 hours to go from here to Benicia. No problem. The drive to Reno, according to mapquest, takes about 3 hours. Hm. 3 hours got us just through Sacramento. Bloody hell. It actually took 5 hours. We could have driven home in that time. Anyway, that's life in civilization...I don't know how people can live that way. Blech.

We mostly hung out at the house there... went out for birthday sushi. mmmmm it was good too. And got some ice cream afterwards. Perfect. Otherwise we laid around and watched movies, drank beer and visited. Oh, we did visit Pam & Jim and their two little kids, which was neat. I had never seen the kids awake. Of course I didn't take any pictures. Trust me, they're cute. All 4 of them actually.

Yeah, I mostly forgot about my camera except when I was in the truck. I got this one picture of Josh & Nell but that's it. Otherwise a bunch of scenic shots from the drive.

Overall it was a quick but relaxing trip. I came home feeling refreshed and energized even. A great birthday. I can't wait for J&N to move back up here where we can bug them on a regular basis again. Yay!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love Etsy!

Ok. Let's see... I posted my first 2 skirts onto etsy.com before I left for the weekend. Yesterday, I posted 4 more. Today I sold one. I'm in shock I think. Woohoo! Thank you Pamela in SoCal!!

I'm totally excited. Of course, I hoped the larger sizes would win some hearts... I notice there aren't many larger sized things there. Nor much hand-dyed clothing really at all.

Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. Woopie!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

More Etsy Stuff

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Uterus Skirt by hissyfitoly

Maybe you've heard of it. Etsy.com "Your place to buy and sell things handmade." I have. And it looks like after only 2-3 years, lots of other folks have too.

This site is awesome. It's very cheap to list things, the listings last a long time, and you pay a small percentage when the item sells. The variety and quality of goods on there is amazing. From fine art to jewelry and everything in between... there are also sections for vintage goods and art/craft supplies.

From what I can tell, buyers know about it too. And they buy things. Sweet.

This has been on my list of things to do for a while... I'm just about ready to list stuff. If not today, then next week when I get back from Reno. Here's my (empty) store: Bohemian Mermaid .etsy.com

I'll probably re-post when I have actual stuff in it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Print Your Own T-Shirt!

Man, I am just full of plans and schemes right now.

After checking into the teaching studio thing a bit more, I'm not as convinced it's for me. We'll see how they evolve... but for now that's kind of off the list. However, after doing my taxes and deeply assessing last year's show income, I'm once again thinking about having a kid's activity booth (in addition to my clothes booth). I think I do this every year. Ha.

I have two ideas for activity booths - Silk Painting with Kool-Aid and a Print Your Own Shirt booth. The first one I usually think of more around the holidays. It takes electricity and is sort of gifty. The latter is what I'm thinking for this summer... no electricity and m
ore general appeal. All I need are some cool rubber stamps (made by me) and some T-shirts. The tricky part is the printing ink... but I think I have that figured out. Anyway, I have always liked this idea and I think it could really take off. If it did, later I would add black or dyed T-shirts as an option, maybe totes or other stuff too.

The reason I want to do this now is that I need to do more shows. But there are only so many good ones
(in my current $/distance range) to do. An activity booth would allow me to do some of the shows that allow imports or are more street fairs than craft fairs. People will always spend money to occupy their kids. If it's something they can actually use, even better. I'm really seriously considering this. Again.

I'm also working on some new print designs for my own clothing. Heehee. I'm way into it right now, and have been scanning stuff into the compy to play with.

But right now, I have to get ready to head out to the Peace Sticker Place and work a little. They still love me.