Thursday, January 17, 2008

Notes from the Winter Cave

Yeah, definitely hibernation time around here. But never fear, I'm doing stuff. I'm always doing stuff. I maybe in my pajamas all day, but things are being done.

Let's see, a few interesting developments.

I have connected with a new art teaching space that sounds pretty cool. I'll find out more this weekend, but a lady has brought together a multitude of artists to teach classes in a big studio. I like teaching, I like studios. Um, I used to teach in mine, when I had one in public. So, this might be just the ticket to not working another regular job this year. Fill in the craft show gaps with teaching. Perfect perfect.

I convinced a sewing friend of mine to make some cool cotton bags for me finally. She wasn't sewing for a while, but bags are her thing. I really need one or two nice bags... like girly purses. Not tote bags, which is mostly what I have now. Yesss. Awesome.

And I found a new source for more hip type cotton hats. I find that exciting.

What else... I'm sort of mentoring my good friend's kid while she applies to the arts program at Arcata High. I'm helping her get a portfolio together, etc. Fun. I get to talk about art concepts and stuff, guide a very talented young artist.

So, I'm getting a few things rolling. We'll see how it all develops.

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