Sunday, November 11, 2007

Web Site Updates

I know you've all been dying to see some new stuff on my web site. Ok, maybe a few of you. Or someone you know ...
or once heard of. Whatever.

The point is, I have been spending my days taking photos and posting new items to my site. And updating the old ones to look better and hopefully easier to read. I made a check list to keep track
of what's done and about half are checked off now. Woo!

I added
color swatches to each individual item page, which I think helps a bit. Shows the new colors and odd variations of colors.

I added a few pieces which I've carried in my booth for a while, but hadn't gotten to the site yet. Woo! Many more to go... like skirts, baby stuff, hats and jewels. But it's coming along.

To fix the lighting/camera issues I've been having, I finally gave in and just set up the mannequin outside. I just can't get the indoor lighting right. Grrr. But, it's working ok so far I think. I'm using my old funky camera, since Barney's fancy one is so temperamental about connecting to my computer.

It's always something, right? yeah. But a girl m
ust trudge on...


Katie said...

Hey Becky - the site looks really nice - it's much more accessible now (sorta like your booth - haha).

And I have always loved your booth - it is such fun to see all the cool colors wafting in the breeze, and then, once drawn inside - there you are!! The real prize!!!!

By the way, I keep getting lots of wonderful compliments on the sweater I bought from you last summer. And it goes so nicely with my favorite fused glass pendant!!

*Mermaid* said...

Thanks Katie!! So nice to hear from you... and get some feedback. My site is fairly limited with what I can do, so I'm trying to keep it simple and readable. I feel like the photos still don't quite do justice to the colors... but I'm doin what I can.

If you have any suggestions or other feedback, gimme an email. I hope you're gearing up for some craft fairs with your jewels... I'll see you at the Arcata Comm. Center on the 8th. Woo!