Sunday, October 07, 2007

You want to send me money.

Yeah see, here's the cool part where the universe starts hurtling cash towards me in support of my move to save the world full time. You can be a part of this deep cosmic happening by sending me some money too. See?

Ok, well I'm remembering when I left my job at the storage place to pursue my dream of self employment... a bit prematurely, but still. In the span of maybe 2 weeks, people sent me money that I didn't even know I had coming. Hundreds of dollars, I swear.

Let's see... I got a power company refund of a deposit I had forgotten about. Which led me to phone my old roommate/dickhead boyfriend for another deposit I recalled helping to pay. Got that back too. There were some show fees I had written off... for a little market I had paid for then stopped attending. Didn't expect the money back. Yet, the organizer walked right up to me on the street and said,"I owe you money, let me write you a check." He insisted, so I took it. THEN, maybe the weirdest one... my aunt in the midwest was looking online at one of those lost money sites and found that I had like $250 coming to me from my childhood bank account. No kidding. It had been abandoned and forgotten when my parents divorced.

So, it occurred to me today that this could be happening again. Let's see... my last day of work was thursday. Since then I have had a bank credit for $50 and two orders on my web site for a total of about $160. Not bad for 3 days huh?

I can't wait to see what else will come in the next couple weeks... seems like I should have more this time. Maybe $1000 would be a good total.

You can help. Buy stuff, the universe wants you to.


Anonymous said...

Bank account?

Shouldn't I get a cut of that someway?

I suppose not...

*Mermaid* said...

You mean, for making me put half of my allowance into Herchel the pig to begin with? Or for leaving it in the bank to gain interest for 20 yrs?

Um, no.

*Mermaid* said...

Thanks, though. It did come in handy...