Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Work Work Work

Ok, I'm back from the Caspar festival and working my last days at the Peace Place... and I am freakin tiiiired. Sheesh.

I'll post separately about the festival, it was super fun. But you know, it would have been courteous for my last week at work to be a slow one. It's been so busy. I mean, I've had one day off since um... jeesh, when? Hm one day in like over 2 weeks. I took the monday after North Country Fair to sit around mostly. Then prepped for Caspar and got home sunday night late... back to work monday A.M. Sigh. For a lazy person, I work hard man. Ha.

But, tomorrow's my last day. Post work beers at the Lost Coast Brewery to mourn my passing. Then dyeing stuff for the next two shows. Yippy. I'm starting to feel the freedom and really excited to work on some Mermaid projects unencumbered. I'm ready.

Saving the world ain't easy, folks.

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