Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, the time has come once again to say Buh-Bye to another day job. Muaaaahahahahha!

Yes, I've been at the peace sticker place for about a year and a half. Seems like plenty. I had planned on staying through the winter and leaving in the spring... but I don't think I can make it that long. A few reasons.

One is that I'm just plain burnt. Much as I predicted when my coworker/supervisor started taking 3-4 weeks off at a time and the big boss didn't hire anyone else. I told them I could do it, but if the stress level stayed high for too long I'd burn out for sure. Hey, guess what? I was right.

Secondly, the boss is freakin nuts. Which is fine in itself, most of my best friends are nuts. Yeah, it was fine when he barely spoke to me... but I would hear him sometimes go batty on my coworkers and I'd say, "good thing he doesn't speak to me that way or I might have to tell him to fuck himself". Then he started talking to me... and eventually in that way that is pure jerk. Enough to piss me off considerably and thus sour the idea of working for a disrespectful nutjob.

So, combine those things and a Mermaid biz that is having its best year yet... and you get The Mermaid self-employed once again. Yay! I wanted to leave before I came to hate everything and everyone, so that maybe when I'm poor in January... they might have a little work for me. Ha. Don't want to burn that bridge altogether. Plus, I want to continue selling the stickers on ebay.

But, for now I'm excited to have time to work on dyeing stuff for the shows I've got coming up. Then, I'll be fixing up my web site real purty, hopefully get some more action there. Yeah, I've got plans. I do have a few more days to work next week... and then it's buh-bye-peace-place. Aaaaaah.

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