Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Ready...

...cuz it's time once again for the wonderful North Country Fair! Wooooooo!

I hope all my friends and neighbors are gearing up for the big fall hootinany on the Arcata Plaza this weekend. Cuz man, it's the funnest thing around. Yes, funnest. Three stages of music and dance, featuring all our favorite local talent. 200 crafts, food and info booths. Two parades, one each day. Beer. Sun. Friends. I mean, what more do you want?

I for one have been feverishly dyeing stuff, ordering booth supplies, getting ready for a great weekend. I have my new specially-made-by-Busam festival skirt... but alas, the rest of the goods she's been working on are not ready as I had hoped. We were so close, but now she has other life things to tend to and the Mermaid must wait. Sigh. Maybe I'll have them in the spring. But at least MY skirt is done and it's fantastic. Full circle with ruffles. Yesss.

And of course I'll have some other new goodies to show off. Don't worry.

Um, what else... well, next weekend I'm trying an experiment. I'll be doing the Caspar Fest down by Mendocino, but that's not the experiment. I did that last year and it's going to be fun fun fun. But, on Sunday, I'll also be parter in a booth at the Pride Fest on the Plaza. A friend and I are sharing a booth... I'm giving her some rainbow tie-dye items and some prideful jewelry, and she's doing all the work for a percentage. Yippee. We'll see how it pans out, but in theory I like the idea.

Ok, gotta go sticker the peaceful masses... for peace. See you all on the Plaza! Woooo!

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