Friday, July 20, 2007

Now what?

I'm resting. But as we know, the Mermaid's work is never done...

I have things to take care of. Let's see... uh, website stuff for sure. I haven't updated the inventory on it for months. Gotta do that. I also have a bunch of items not shown on the site. So, new photos and new pages are in order for sure. I think I'm going to hire my friend's daughter to help with a bunch of stuff. That will be fun.

I have business crap to take care of too. This place is a mess! Gotta fix up my files and sales records and all that. Ick.

OH, and it looks like I'm gonna get me a new VAN finally! Yipee! A nice big cargo van, just like the one I use that belongs to Barney. But newer and not creepy. THAT is freakin exciting.

Christmas fair applications are showing up, so time to figure out what the hell I'm doing this year in that area. Sigh.

Oh, and the designs I've been working on with The Buz are coming together. I should have at least 2 new pieces for North Country Fair. Woooo!

And I need to clean the house. Vacuum or something, it's pretty yucky.

Yeah, see? Even when I'm resting I'm a busy busy woman. This saving the world stuff isn't easy, friends.

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Uncle Enore said...

Got THAT right...