Monday, July 30, 2007

Mermaid Booty!

Oh yeah, baby. One of the best things about vending at festivals with such talented artists is definitely the booty. I love to trade mermaid clothing for goodies on my travels. Sometimes I even buy stuff.

Like the painting above. I bought it from the guy selling next to me up at that oregon show. I love it. sort of a cross between sunset at the beach up here and maybe some other planetscape. Plus the guy was neat to talk with (and he wasn't selling much I think).

This bag is great and the fabric is fuzzy. Love it so much I made it my new magical money bag for the booth. I scored both of these at the fair on Clear Lake. The bag I traded for. The painting I bought from this little old lady who was so sweet! She was doing her booth all alone and it was painful to watch, she wouldn't accept much help cuz she said, if I can't do it alone I might as well stay home. The painting really reminds me of her.

The card above was SUCH a score! I was at that oregon show, running to get some coffee faaar from my booth. On the way back I saw these gorgeous large painted panels and I had to stop and coo over them. They are the female archetypes and one of them (of course) is a mermaid. But that might not even be my favorite. Anyway, the original panels were like $200 each as a set, and I contemplated trying to haggle my way into buying one. I liked them sooo much. Then I saw she was selling these cards for $5! Five bucks! Now I get all 4 on this nice big heavy paper with a poem and everything. Score!

And of course, jewels. A mermaid needs her jewels. These came from a few different festivals and I traded for all of it. My new favorites are for sure the beaded star set from my friend Lily down in Mendo. We are in love with eachother's work and trade every chance we get. Sorta hard to see I guess, but trust me... they're lovely.

Yeah, Barney thinks I trade too often. But I always think I'm getting a good deal and stuff I probably wouldn't buy for myself you know.

These are the perks of living the Mermaid life.

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Uncle Enore said...

Yeah, yeah...neat stuff...but I'm still waiting to see some booty...