Friday, June 08, 2007

Popcorn & Handcuffs

Yeah, I really just wanted to see that title.... so I needed a separate post.

For some reason, my booth was a place for weird items to be lost during the show. Ok, two items. But still it was odd.

Saturday, a garbage bag full of popcorn.

Nobody claimed it, we asked around the neighbor's busy henna booth. Nope. Everyone in the immediate area. No, not mine. To my knowledge, no booths were even selling popcorn. We left it there for hours. People commented on it, but nobody touched it or came looking for it. It was a mystery.

Later, we closed the booth and went wandering... many hours and drunk people passed, and still the popcorn was there. When we were returning to the booth to go to bed, I saw a figure
in the dark bent over inspecting the bag... I didn't miss a step, "It's popcorn!" and I disappeared behind our tent laughing. The next morning it was gone.

Sunday it was a pair of handcuffs.

They were first spotted by some kids whose parents were visiting the pottery booth next door. They were interested in something close to my booth, which I couldn't see. The parents told the kids not to touch it. The more they told them, the more interested the kids became. I figured that if the parents really didn't want the kids touching whatever it was, they would move it. Instead they just yelled louder at the kids as they more insistently moved closer to the thing. Maybe a bug or fallen ice cream cone? When I finished with my customer, I went to move it so the freakin parents would quit yelling. What I found were these:

They sat in Shannon's camp chair for a long time... nobody came looking for them. In fact nobody moved them until a lady used the chair to nurse her baby. Heh. I offered no explanation. Many cop and bondage jokes were made. I think we decided they fell off of the belt of one of the young hoodlums who ran between our booths at some point.

Odd, no?

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