Saturday, May 05, 2007

Time to Dye

Get moving, Woman!

Ok, well as you can see... the shows have begun. Heehee. So, for the next uh, at least 3-4 months I'll have a craft show every other weekend, sometimes 2 weekends in a row. Good thing I'm so studly.

Yeah. Ok. So, this has been my goal right? This is how I want my life to go, shows all the time. Enough so I can eventually quit my day job. So I need to figure this all out. How to go to a show out of town, come home, go to work and still have enough stuff to sell for the next show.

Normally, I spend about 2 weeks preparing for a show. Ordering and receiving supplies, dyeing them, washing, ironing, sewing labels and printing mermaidy stuff onto them. I like to do the dyeing in large blocks of time over the weekend, 8-10 hour chunks. Then it's done and I can spend evenings after work during the week pressing and printing.

Obviously this won't really work if I have 2 shows in a row.

My new strategy is to make the buying and dyeing more continuous. Order as much as I can afford at one time, whether or not I can dye it all by the next weekend. Then, dye in smaller chunks of time, like 2 or 4 hours... then press and finish the batches as they are finished dyeing. That way I'll have a continuous flow of new stuff ready to sell. And I can dye things after work in smaller blocks of time.

I'll let you know how it goes... as I have this month to test this method out. I have a show in Shasta next weekend (dyeing starts today!), two weeks later is Memorial day in Lakeport... then the very next weekend is Benbow. A very big show for me.

Will I be ready with enough stuff to sell?? Bum bum buuuuuh. Stay tuned...

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