Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Fever Festival Report

Well, I have to say the Spring Fever Festival this weekend was a success. Woo! I mean considering it's so new... and the amount I made last year at this fair. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. I um, let's see... made about 3 times what I made last year. Yeehaw.

I learned something too: the Power of the Discount. Holy moly. I mean, I always have a clearance rack going in the booth for flawed or discontinued things. But, I decided to have a supersale and clearance out a bunch of shirts I'm sick of... bam! half off! I also made all the skirts, pants and jacke
ts $5 off. People bought stuff generally in twos, threes or more. It rocked.

Oh, and I won a gorgeous pair of earrings in the door prize drawing. The chica next to me was doing her first fair and I picked her earrings from the prizes. They are so cute and sparkly! I also bartered for a handmade journal and scored some super sweet gifts for Mother's day. I want to tell more about them, but she might read this.

Just like last year, the running of the fair was great. Well organized, high quality crafts, music. Nice folks and a fun time. I think the word will get around and when it does, this is going to be a killer festival.

They made the cool move of adding a beer and wine booth this time, run by the Discovery Museum. Happened to be one booth away from me. I had a clear line to the beer and the stage from my seat. Good times.

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Uncle Enore said...

Killer Festival?

I want you to notice how I don't take the opportunity to equate the Killer Festival with the Illegal Immigrants Rallies yesterday...