Monday, April 09, 2007


So there I was... saturday afternoon sometime, I turned on the tv.

First thing I saw, the very first thing, was my ex-boyfriend's big face. Stunned, I watched as they zooooomed in on his face even more. He was talking on the phone on tv, his wedding ring glistened on the handset next to his big face. 'Weird' I thought to myself.

Then, I figure out why he's on the phone on tv. It's the local Easter Seals Telethon. Weirdness #2 - I worked for ES for 2 years and volunteered behind the scenes of that very telethon twice. Whoa.

As I'm staring, still stunned, STILL seeing whatshisname's big face ... the mc lady says, "now let's speak with someone pledging all the way from Bismarck North Dakota!" I almost spit out my beer. Why, I used to live in that very part of North Dakota ... in fact my mother still does.

It felt like I turned on the tv and the tv people pointed right at me and said, "HEY MERMAID!!"

Weirdness, no?


Lensman said...

hahahaha SO weird! :D

Uncle Enore said...

God is trying to tell you something, my daughter.

Of course, I don't have any idea what it might be, I don't speak Aramaic.

Fred said...

It must be a conspiracy of some kind.

*Mermaid* said...

I thought the tv people were conspiring... my ex in collusion with easter seals and that weird singer chick from north dakota.

Pfff. I'm sure they're after my mannequins.