Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Mannequins

See how cute the girls' faces are? Just ignore that weird one on the left...

Here's the Lampgirl hanging out with Redballs in my bedroom. As you can see, his balls are no longer red. But, when I found him sitting next to a dumpster behind the thrift store... he had bright red balls and a magic marker bikini top. Leaving him outside for a while took care of that.

And below you see Betty in all her glory, wearing my dress from The Buz's castle wedding in Prague. The ladies next to her are old fashioned blouse forms, with wooden ball-joint arms. Pretty sweet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Girls

I have a small collection of mannequins... have I mentioned that? I love every one of them.

Betty here is the original family mannequin. My dad passed her down to me as I will pass her down to Josh's daughter some day. She wears outfits, she has a box of wigs. She is glamor.

I also got the frilly lamp girl from dad. Her body lights up green. She usually hangs out with Redballs... hm, I need a photo of him.

The girls here are pretty neat. They have beautiful old-fashioned faces and one-piece bodies. They prefer no hair or clothing... unless they model for my website.

I have a few more... but no photos. I'll work on that.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Festival Season Begins!

Woo! I'm scheduling a ton of festivals this year, and I'm pretty set up through July at this point. Here's how it's looking (if you really care about exact dates and locations look here)...

I have one at the end of April here locally called the Spring Fever Festival. It's very new and not yet very well attended. But, it's put together by a local art chica and it has great potential to really take off. There's also a fall version in october. Good quality crafts, non-profit booths, activities, music. So, this is my second time doing it... who knows if money will be made there. But it's my first chance to visit with some of my craft buddies and see what other festivals people are doing etc. AND it's literally right down the street.

May will be interesting, no local festival really during May. So, I'll be going to Shasta for an Old Time Fiddle Jamboree. Then for memorial day weekend, heading down to Lakeport right on Clear Lake. I'm looking forward to that one. I'll be dragging my boyfriend along and getting a camp spot. It will be warm and pretty and maybe lots of folks visiting from the bay area with money to spend.

Oh, and the Trinidad Sunday Market starts mid may... so I think I'll be doing that in between big festivals, probably about twice a month through September or so.

June will be psycho. Of course the very next weekend after memorial day will be the Mateel Arts & Music festival down in garberville (benbow actually). I love this festival!! I think a girlfriend will accompany me and much partying & dancing will be taking place that weekend. Followed by the Arcata Bay Oyster Fest, on the plaza. Only one day but close and packed fulla people. The new one for June is a 3 day thing up in Roseburg, oregon. It's put on by an arts council, so the crafts should be nice and it's been around a while so I think it will be a good one.

July isn't quite filled up yet... but so far I think I'll be doing the Arcata 4th of July thing. Even though it's spendy and there are imports, it's cheaper than traveling anywhere and I do pretty well. The 4th is a wednesday, then on saturday I think I'll head down to Medocino for a 1 day market. What the hell, right? Those mendo folks love me and it's soooo nice down there. Following weekend will be the local Blues by the Bay festival. Crafts are a new addition, and sales weren't great last year I heard. BUT, if I can just pay my expenses, it's a free seat to the blues fest. Woo. I think I can sell some sun hats and dancin' skirts, no problem.

I'm still working on August too... but I'm trying to get into a Blues festival in Reno. That would be cool, I could stay with my little bro and hang out watching blues. Yay.

September, of course, brings the North Country Fair. Now back in sane hands... the fee went up like $30 this year. LOL. Oh well, freedom has its price I suppose. Sanity has its price? Something. I'll pay it.

Yep. Festivals rock. Here I go! Woooo!

Monday, April 09, 2007


So there I was... saturday afternoon sometime, I turned on the tv.

First thing I saw, the very first thing, was my ex-boyfriend's big face. Stunned, I watched as they zooooomed in on his face even more. He was talking on the phone on tv, his wedding ring glistened on the handset next to his big face. 'Weird' I thought to myself.

Then, I figure out why he's on the phone on tv. It's the local Easter Seals Telethon. Weirdness #2 - I worked for ES for 2 years and volunteered behind the scenes of that very telethon twice. Whoa.

As I'm staring, still stunned, STILL seeing whatshisname's big face ... the mc lady says, "now let's speak with someone pledging all the way from Bismarck North Dakota!" I almost spit out my beer. Why, I used to live in that very part of North Dakota ... in fact my mother still does.

It felt like I turned on the tv and the tv people pointed right at me and said, "HEY MERMAID!!"

Weirdness, no?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Craft Shows Baby!

Man, my head is spinning. Lookit all those applications! But see how organized I am? Yeah... I know. I made a map and everything.

Yep, tis the season for planning out the craft festival season. It's fun! I'm trying to do as many shows as physically possible this year. It may kill me. If so, please give my mannequins to my boyfriend.

I'm looking at doing all the usual local fairs... oyster fest, north country fair, 4th of july, trinidad sunday market. Also some things in oregon and mendocino. Sweet.

Check out my web site if you care about exact dates and places. (Don't bug me about the crappy width of the screen ok? The html edit thing stinks.)

Really, I can't think of anything else right now.

Must... do ... more ... fairs...