Sunday, March 04, 2007

Out of Hybernation... I suppose...

Well, I think my foggy winter head is waking up finally.

I have my lists of potential craft fairs and application deadlines nicely plotted out on my yahoo calendar. Printed and color coded and pinned to the bulletin board. I'm even sending off applications!

I have my lists and charts of new bead and jewelry stuff all laid out. Sweet. Gawd how I do love going through the bead catalogs and web site. Rather than doing it for 2 weeks, though... in a cave-dwelling haze of notebooks and pajamas... I'm getting it all done in a couple days. Not bad huh?

Sometime today I'll be conferring with The Buz about some new clothing designs. Heehee. I'm gonna have my OWN original designs. So, we need to get going on all that and work out some details.

I'm also working on my booth setup. I want to order a few items to beef up the display a bit... it's getting freakin crowded in there. I've been needing a rolling clothing rack for the travel of wrinkle-prone clothing... and a few other goodies. Barney is working on some sort of removable awnings for the booth tent, so I can do some double-booth festivals... and better survive at a hot show.

Hm... I should do a bit of laundry at some point too. Oh, and I think we have bbq plans w/ friends later on.

So, yeah. I'm finally getting shit done, ok?? Now get of my back. And pour me another cup of coffee while you're up...

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