Friday, March 02, 2007

North Country Fair Update

(Hey, there's my booth up in the top left corner... see that purple spot?? That's me!)

Ah, the saga continues. You can see my previous posts about this on my Craft Fair Reports list over on the right there... and more recently, here.

So, the other day I got a letter and email from the Same Old People, the traditional organizers of the North Country Fair. They seem more than confident about reclaiming the fair from Washington Whatshisname. So, that's good.

Apparently, they both have submitted applications to the city to use the Plaza for the festival this year. No decisions yet. But, I see also that the city has adopted a new policy of only issuing permits of use to non-profits. That's pretty cool, considering the SOP have now attained that status. They had always worked like a non-profit, but never really felt the need to officially get the papers... because things just worked very well as they were. Anyway, that might be a help.

Also, they have issued a letter to Whatshisname thanking him for his service and notifying him that he is no longer needed to run the fair. However, I know that He has - since having the fair turned over to him last year - filed a fictitious name statement... meaning he 'owns' the name of the fair. Pff. But, that makes him a business, not a non-profit. So, that might be a bigger help.

Well, go to the website. They have the letters posted there... as well as links to many articles following this situation.

I for one am ready to apply to MY same old fair. Woooo!

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