Monday, December 04, 2006

What's it all about?? Well?!?

I've been pondering... and perusing. And it seems like I need to better define what this here blog is all about.

(check out breakfast blogger, now THEY have a purpose!)

I've started to cruise around some other local blogs and it's fun! Most of them discuss local happenings. Very interesting. Some are just funny and entertaining. That's good too. And now that a few have found my blog... I feel a little more pressure to perform. So to speak.

I mean, so far, nobody but my parents read it. And someone in North Carolina.

I never thought much about being entertaining or even informative. I started it for two simple reasons -

1. To get more traffic to my online store, and maybe sell some stuff.

2. To have a place where I can blather on about the mundane details of my Mermaid life, interesting only to me. My friends are polite, but really who cares about how the Ocean green came out in this batch? Ok, I guess I figured some customer might find it mildly amusing to see what I'm doing day to day, but who knows.

And why does it need defining? Just for me, really I guess.

Because while I'm writing for past or future customers... then there is some editing of my personality involved. I have mixed feelings about that. While I am proud of who I am...well, I'm me. I'm obnoxious at times and blunt always. I swear a lot. I'm irritated by everything. But, I think of my business as a neutral area. I try to be a-political... I mean, conservatives need pretty pants too right? I despise the consumerism mentality, but I sell a product. So who wants to cut off that relationship? Not I.

If I'm writing just to air my thoughts about whatever I'm doing in my Mermaid world (art and business, that is) then is that just fluffy crap? Sure. Do I need someone to be enraptured with it all? Nope. Not really.

I don't think I'm getting anywhere with this... just thinking outloud. I guess I like the way the blog is working. It's fun to do and my Mom cares about how my new studio is set up. I think.

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