Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arcata Holiday Market Report

It was fun!! I think I need to do this one every year...

It's well run, the lady in charge is awesome and makes herself available all weekend. What a concept. It's put on by the city recreation dept so there are lots of kids volunteering and school bands playing. Just a fun atmosphere.

They had a little food stand run by the kids too. Everything was either $1 or $2. The brownies were awesome and we got two coupons for free coffee.

The Arts in the Afternoon program kids were selling silk scarves they made, which was neat.

I got to see a few friends and made a few trades for gifts.

I made money too! It didn't look good on the first day, but the second day was awesome and overall I did pretty well. Woo. They do need to advertise a little, at least on the community calendars... the crowd was pretty thin. But otherwise, it's a good one.

Ok, I gotta go to officegirl land now, photos and humorous anecdotes to follow...


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