Saturday, October 21, 2006

Still more scheming...

So more planning and scheming is afoot. I'm really excited about this...

My best friend in the wholewideworld is Heather, who also is the best seamstress I know. We are currently in the pre-planning stages of a new line of Bohemian Mermaid clothing which she will sew for me. I think we agree that the first pieces will be a chemise-style poets blouse - gathered at the neck and sleeves with a full flowing cut. And, some style of bodice, similar to this one... which can be paired with the blouse.

Ooooooh it's really exciting! I'll keep most of my other goodies as they are... but slowly add more custom pieces sewn by Heather. Other items we are discussing are a wrap skirt, a loose cape-like jacket, a vest, and a ruffle skirt.

The best part of all this is the freedom of using whatever fabrics we like. Right now, I buy my garments already sewn, and dye them. Although there are lots of styles and fabrics to choose from, there are limits... and most other dyers buy from the same suppliers, so you might see the same stuff at every dye booth. But the new items can be whatever fabrics we wish... like velvet or cotton bodices and silk or gauze blouses. And, these new items will be sewn AFTER the fabric is dyed, so there will be more freedom there as well. Piecing different fabrics or colors in one garment, for example. Or, using scraps to make bags and whatnot.

By steering the styles toward the more romantic or historic... there are opportunities to attend say, Victorian themed festivals or Pagan or Medieval. Heeehee.

Of course, this will all be worked out over the winter months, not available until spring shows. Keep your eyes open for the new goodies then! I'll keep you up on our progress... woohoo!

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