Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Holy smokes... as my good friend Fred so politely pointed out, I've been gone a while. Offline, except at work, and living temporarily in what I now refer to as The Homeless Studio.

It wasn't so bad. I mean it could have been much worse - if we had been living in our van or forced to mooch off of friends.

Basically, the housing in my area STINKS. We jumped the gun giving notice at our last place and it backfired on us. Just as school was starting at the college. Bad to worse. So, for 6 weeks we have been camping out at my art studio in Arcata.

Nobody there really cared. There are a handfull of art students who live in their studios in that building, in fact the lady who had my studio before me lived there too. And there was room for the essentials... bed, movie collection, tv, clothes, dog.

On the down side, however, it IS a commercial building with business activities going on. Like the woodworkers next door (ie on the other side of the wall by the bed) who start up the table saw at 7 a.m. And the Dance Center, which has either African drum classes or African dance classes (with drum music) nightly. And of course, the art students. Who probably love being in a place where nobody is around at night... thus staying up partying all night. Loudly.

But that is all behind us now. WE have a HOUSE... with multiple showers and elderly neighbors. Woooooooohooooo is all I can say. And, I'll be moving all my studioness into my new Mermaid studio room in our home. Woohoo again.