Friday, August 11, 2006

Still More Adventure

Does it ever end??

Well, first off... I had a GrEAT time at the Caspar World Folk Festival! I knew the second I got outa my van I was in the right place. It feels a lot like home down there... right on the coast, super nice folks, beautiful scenery. It was a small event compared to other festivals I have attended, but the quality of music, crafts and people more than made up for it. Quality over quantity, you might say.

I actually did pretty well, considering the small crowd... and broke all my previous bartering records. Man, I came home with some GREAT goodies! And new friends galore. Really really fun.

The other side of my recent adventures involve moving into my art studio while we continue to find a home. Sigh. It's very cozy... and easy to get work done. Ha. And we sure are saving money!

Aaaanyhow... my projects now include some illusion necklaces for my good friend Leisa's wedding, a bunch of tie-dyed bandanas for a friend of my little sister, and misc items ordered at the festival.

My Coos Bay show was canceled (for me anyway, more about that later maybe), so I'm back to the Trinidad Markets for a bit, until it's time to prepare for the North Country Fair in mid september.

Woohoo! Onward!


Uncle Enore said...

Hey, I had forgotten all about her stuff.

I DID pay you for them, din't I?

*Mermaid* said...

yep! I'm shipping them out today... woohoo!

Hey, I've asked her a couple times, but just outa curiosity... what is her friend planning on doing with 40 tie dyed blue/purple/red/green bandanas??


Uncle Enore said...

I don't know what he's doing with 'em. I keep forgetting to ask your sister.

They have not, by the way, gotten here yet.

If you have some tracking number or something shoot it along.

Fred said...

Ok. No new posts here in over a month. Time to roll up this blog and shut 'er down. No use cluttering up cyberspace with a dead blog.

*Mermaid* said...

Yeah, thanks for your concern.

Where were your comments when I WAS active, smarty??

And since you're following so closely, you'll know all about why I'm in limbo...

Fred said...

I just found your blog a couple days ago when I saw it listed on humguide.