Monday, July 03, 2006

More Fun In Trinidad...

...California, that is.

Ok, so I started the Trinidad Farmers & Artists Market yesterday. Well, started to do it regularly anyway. I've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again I think.

Trinidad, for those who haven't been up to this end of the state, is maybe the prettiest town in the area. It's got some cute little shops, restaurants and B&Bs... as well as gorgeous beaches and ocean views. It's also right next to a ton of camp grounds and state parks, ie redwoods. Really beautiful.

So, this little Sunday market happens each Sunday throughout the summer, in front of the grocery store there. The quality of crafts is very high, for such a dinky market. We just have a ton of talented folks around here, what can I say? There is also music each week and it's really pretty fun.

Yesterday (I wish I had taken my camera, maybe next time) went very well... I thought. The music was exceptional... I think they were called The Fabulous Blue Jays (or was it Amazing?), and consisted of two women with a guitar and base who sang killer jazz. It was awesome! The one lady's stand up bass was electric... so picture a regular stand up bass, but without the body. Just the neck. Trippy. Yeah... they were fantastic.

Let's see... the crafts were nice as usual... I had my clothing (most of it anyway), and I was next door to that nice couple with the lovely turned wood stuff. They are such a friendly pair, with their little backpack with the wine bottle holder. Um there was the lady with the woven rugs and scarves, about 4 or 5 jewelry booths (one with awesome dicroic pendants), the lady with the blown glass candle holders with gold on them, the gourmet dog treats, a new booth with baby clothes, and I think 2 booths of art cards and such. Oh, and of course, my friend Marianna with her crocheted hats and stuff... and her sister with the oyster shells with little paintings on them. And let's not forget the farmer part, there were two people with veggies and plants.

It's really worth the drive... and yesterday I even sold some stuff too! Yes, I will definitely take some photos next time...

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Uncle Enore said...

Gourmet dog treats?


What could THAT be to an animal that enjoys eating cat shit?