Friday, June 23, 2006

Today at the Palace...

Well... it's my day off from Officegirl Land. Aaaaah. That really makes me want to sit around in my pj's all day and drink coffee around the house in a generally irresponsible manner. HOWEVER, a Mermaid's work is never done... so...

What I'm actually going to do today (after I'm done drinking coffee in my pj's) is head downtown to take care of some bidness. It is a beautiful and (for us) warm sunny summer day in Arcata, so it will be nice to bop around doing my errands. This is what I really love about living in a small town that IS NOT set up in a sprawling manner, like many other places in the state... I can drive to my studio, park and walk the 2 blocks to the plaza, where I can easily get all my errands taken care of. AND there are lots of folks walking around doing the same, like a community should be. WE get out of our cars and say hi to eachother. What a concept, huh?

So... first I need to meet Marianna at the studio, so she can pick up her table and the paintings from the opening we had together a few months back. Pack up some goods for that nice lady on the east coast (see below)... then head down to the post office to mail them and check my box for applications or whatnot. My bank is right across from the po, so I need to deposit my Officegirl check (to cover the ton of groceries I bought last night... mmmm fooood).

Then cruise across the plaza to Heartbead to see if they have the right beads for a custom necklace order. The challenge will be to only buy the beads for the necklace in question, and not some other goodies for myself - er, I mean, for making Mermaid stuff. I can get lost in that store for hours...

And while I'm out, I may as well go down to the Arcata Marsh and take a walk among the birds and bushes on the bay... on such a gorgeous day! Woohoo for days off!


Uncle Enore said...

Ok, fess didn't take this picture, did you?

I mean, there are no naked womens there at all.

And on my day off, I usually drool and veg out.

You mean to tell me you actually MOVE?

I'll be dipped. Now, THAT's a concept.

*Mermaid* said...

Oh i would much prefer that on every day off... but SOMEONE has to save the world with Mermaids.

Guess who.