Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mermaids Made My Day

So, I've been corresponding a bit with a lady on the east coast who loves mermaids like I do. Lucky for me, she loves my clothes a little too.

We have been working on some orders for her, via email. Which is great... Excellent.

Meanwhile, I have also been trying to find a 4th of July festival for the Mermaid booth. The local ones have irked me for various reasons... so I called for an application to the Crescent City fair, about an hour and a half north of here. I have been waiting for it, so I can apply before it's full... checking my po box daily. The other day I found a 'pick up at window' slip in there, figuring it was my application in a big envelope or something. Sigh... which annoyed me. Fold it a little, will ya? I was having trouble getting to the po before closing time.

Ok... so yesterday I finally get to the post office at 10 minutes to 5... of course there's a big line, and (for the first time maybe ever) no postal worker yelling out 'anyone just need to pick up mail?'. Of course.

But, when I finally get up there and receive my package... imagine my surprise to find a large white padded envelope covered with multicolored mermaid stamps. Beautiful ones with big Celtic tails and flowing hair. And inside, two lovely Celtic mermaid music CD's, from the very same lover of mermaids I have been corresponding with. She herself is singing on one of the CD's and there's a photo of her on the back of it.

It was really cool. I smiled and cooed and mumbled to myself about what a special mermaid surprise it was... for like an hour. While i shopped, while I drove...

nice, huh? AND she's buying a bunch of Mermaid clothes.




hell, I thought you meant me.


I need another shirt. Ya got any of 'dem dere shirts? Meebeee a tank top?

*Mermaid* said...


Oh yaaah ubetcha.

You know I do, girl.

Uncle Enore said...


Have you seen the set of...well, never mind...