Friday, June 30, 2006

Jobby Jobs... Continued

So... what was I going to write about day jobs... um...

Well, the one I have now I totally love. And I've been thinking about how it compares to the other jobs I've had the past couple years. Let's see...

Since I started my Mermaid Biz about 5 yrs ago, I've spent 2 of those years unemp - er - SELFemployed. The first year, I worked in that cushy office job mentioned below... running a storage rental office. That one really got my business started, I just poured all my income into it. Plenty of energy left over, even working 40 hrs per week, to do all my artgirl activities.

Later, I worked as an arts instructor in a day program for disabled adults. Man, that was a cool job. I basically played all day with a group of about half developmentally disabled folks, and half with various dimentias like alzheimers, stroke, brain injuries... as well as some physical disabilities mixed in. It was challenging and I loved it. I realized I have a bit of a talent for teaching and I got to come up with all kinds of arts and crafts activities for various skill levels and abilities.

Ultimately, a bunch of admin changes came about... and I was running the program. Which was cool for a while... but long story short, it ended up taking all my physical and emotional energy to do this job. After a couple years there, I realized I was totally ignoring my Mermaid and personal art stuff. It was gradual, and totally a worthwhile venture... but I just burned out.

After another year of Mermaid Biz activity... I needed another part time job for the off season. I landed in the office of a friend of a friend. Jumped right in without really having to look or interview for jobs. Sweet. But... that didn't really work for me either. Um, the pay was very low, the hours not enough to make up for it... and the atmosphere well, how do I say it. Uncomfortable.

I left there when I was hired for another disability job. I don't want to go into details here (only because I get so agitated still lol) but let's say it was insultingly low pay for a ton of responsibility in a very poorly run program. Whew, it was painful and brief.

So... after all this... I knew what I needed was a job that paid semi-decent, used any of my myriad of skills, and made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile... yet, also something I could leave at work, ie didn't consume my soul and thus all my energies.

And I have found it. I now work at a mail order company that sells buttons, stickers, videos, books and other stuff with a peace and social change message. It's great! I get to use all my officegirl skills (not brain surgery, but not boring either)... work with a bunch of happy, fun and caring people... talk to folks all over the country who actually give a shit about other people and the environment. I love it. And when I'm done working, I still have energy to work at the studio.

My boyfriend comments often about how much more pleasant I am to be around, and how much work I'm getting done in the Mermaid world.



Uncle Enore said... always COULD get all that quiet, nearly passive-agressive way you have...

But usually cute.

Uncle Enore said...

Oh, yeah...had it been ME, I would have stuck with the geriatric retards and could have used them as inspiration for making old people crap...